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alright... your favorite podcasts you've recently listened to... #askingforafriend 😄

I'm MOVING... to here @alan

it's not that I don't love you all. I think I'm going to setup home over there. I will keep this one alive, but I'm likely to spend more time over there.

I will follow most of you from there. follow me back, if you wish.

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LIVE NOW: We’re about to launch a space laser that will circle Earth to measure ice! Firing 5,000 laser pulses in the blink of an eye, the upcoming #ICESat2 satellite will give us a precise + detailed look at how Earth’s ice is changing. Watch & engage: source:

morning masto! having a day off, even if if's filled with chores is better than not having one at all.

goodnight all! podcast stuff done. time for bed.

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Whoa #nobot (put it in your profile and bots won't follow you), it's like robots.txt!

It's weird to be on a social network that respects the user!


for those who don't know me, or getting to know me now...

professionally I work in IT and software development. the shortest narrative I can I give about my career is I'm an application architect; an a experienced mix of systems and network architecture, database and software design/development.

outside of work, I podcast, I produce podcasts and make things exist.

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as soon as my cold brewed coffee is finished draining I'm going to sleep. so early good night all!

I wonder what kitkat ice cream would be like... hmm... I'm sure it would be amazing!

alright masto, what are your thoughts on ? and does anyone here have one?

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Been thinking a *lot* about the next 10 years of Indy Hall, and finally got some of those thoughts recorded during a podcast session with one of my fav local Philly shows.

The gist: I want to create some kind of apprenticeship program designed to help people find work that grants them freedom.

This includes reframing "entrepreneurship" as "creating a sustainable job for yourself FIRST" but it includes other career paths too (remote employment & other hybrids).

All based in Philly.

okay time for bed. good night masto! to let the twitters bite!

topping my day off with watching a live stream of Orla Gartland play her original songs... for us.

so last night I setup on and it seems to have gone missing. 😞 ...and instance to talk about podcasting. oh well.


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