Turns out procrastinating my move to bofa so long paid off. I'm great at this site

I had to explain to my girlfriend that it's actually not normal to average one nightmare per night

Eating my emotions, an extremely healthy way to do lunch on Fridays

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can you still go wildly viral on here just by posting "good morning, ive gay"

Toilet paper flower is the absolute bougiest thing I abide in life. I will go no further

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A very formative reddit memory I have is someone who won a gum flavor naming contest claiming he was better at branding than Comcast's marketing department

I know I should move to bofa or something but I'm so lazy

Wisconsin has the best beer in the US bar none

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And that’s how my groin came to be completely soaked.

Is college football problematic? Yes. Am I going to a college football game? Also yes

I don't get it I've drank two pitchers of beer why am I still sad

Mastodon is awesome for a lot of reasons but my favorite one at the moment is that nobody I know IRL is here so if I toot about being sad nobody annoys me about it

Sometimes I get sad and accidentally walk to the other side of the city


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to the guy wearing a maga cap behind home plate at nats park: eat shit

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