@derek Nice vid! Thanks Derek.

So I guess I should give Emacs a try... :) But the question is: do I *need* Emacs? 🤔 (not a troll)
Anyway I know how *not* to launch Emacs now 👍

Alternate link to your video (for those who wish to avoid YouTube at all cost): yewtu.be/watch?v=s0ed8Da3mjE
(btw why are you routing people to YT?... Since you don't monetize your videos. To reach more people / get more comments?... Just wondering)


@Obelux @derek probably because more views on YT means more exposure on YT

@chambln Yes, that was - more or less - my guess. More exposure = more chances to get support via Patreon. No argue about this.
And it's fine with me, I can easily get around YT (since I personally wish to). While still promoting Derek's videos each time I can. I find them very pleasant to watch 👌

@Obelux I keep up with his videos via RSS and play them directly in mpv (which streams video using youtube-dl). No ads and I don’t even have to open a web browser any more 👌

@Obelux of course Invidious is great too if you don’t want to bother with RSS

@chambln Sorry for the delay Gregory. Very interesting method! Could you please share a concrete example of the steps you take to stream a video via mpv? (should be a single command I guess)
I'll give it a try :)

@Obelux or you can open mpv in GUI mode then click and drag a URL over it

@chambln Thanks a lot! But I seem to have a problem with... Google.

[ytdl_hook] ERROR: ussCHoQttyQ: YouTube said: Unable to extract video data [ytdl_hook] youtube-dl failed: unexpected error ocurred Failed to recognize file format.

I'm using a VPN. Could it be the reason?...

@Obelux yeah that can happen sometimes. sometimes it works for me if I just run it a second time. also check that you have an up to date version of youtube-dl

@Obelux my understanding is that Google change the API from time to time so the youtube-dl maintainers have to keep up with it.

@chambln I've also heard of yt-dlp (github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp). A sequel to youtube-dl as I understand?

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