You mean I’m going to have to finish my thoughts?

These are the robots that are going to take our jobs? The ones that label pictures of Spain “Bishop Auckland”?

Dammit Apple. There is absolutely no situation where I’d want the emoji key instead of the shift key. Eejits.

. on views of the next 50 years of technology. "You do have a gender difference in people’s excitement about AI, with men being more excited about it than women, a 1X greater increase."

Half imagining W. jingling some keys in his pocket, smirking and whispering quietly to Bill and Barack. “I’ve still got the spares to the house. Let’s go empty the liquor cabinet and wait for him."

"Members of Jason, a secretive group of elite scientists that helps the federal government assess new threats to national security, say it has been scrutinizing the diplomatic mystery this summer and weighing possible explanations, including microwaves."

In Quake-Prone California, Alarm at Scant Insurance Coverage “What are we going to do when no one has insurance and everyone has damage?”

Home literally 90 mins. Pizza, shower, repack, airport.

“the force’s criteria for recording such incidents [involving e-bikes] had not yet been brought up to date with the relatively new technology." Only around a couple of decades old in current form.

"In an international order that is beginning to resemble a competition between rival cartels more than the rules-based system the West once envisioned, another well-meaning chemistry teacher faces a series of ever more dramatic predicaments.” writing on “Futures and Organisational Transformation”

“Present trends don’t continue. They produce backlashes and reshufflings of the social deck. The identities that people embrace today are the identities their children will want to escape from tomorrow.” (via

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