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hey folks I'm here because twitter decided to ban me for a week because I said, verbatim, "I will lightly slap TERFs with a wet dishrag."


On Twitter, I always felt like my eyes were darting towards the retweet/like counts even before I read the tweet. "Do my peers approve of this?" "Is this controversial?" "Is it okay for me to like this?" On Mastodon, you have to explicitly click on the toot to see the counts, which at least forces you to read the thing before considering what others think of it.

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It bears repeating that it's the subtle design decisions that make Mastodon a kinder, gentler social network. For instance, there's no technical reason for toots *not* to have the boost/favorite counts in the timeline, but by not having them there, you're encouraged to interact with the post on its own merits rather than what the crowd thinks of it.

ill always love bob odenkirk for penning the phrase "king shit of fuck mountain"

the worst thing about having a dick is that if you go to pee while flaccid and lose your grip it whips around like an unmanned fire hose

my promise to you all: when i hit 1K i will delete then play mastodon again in hard mode

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