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Externally: babey dont leave me dont break up with me babey
Internally: visualizing 6 different shapes rotating in space.

self-doubt rambling 

one other *extremely* on-brand fact about this current crisis is that it is based in no small part on the ideology of My Hero Academia

Iida said "my actions are the shape of my dreams" and if I dream of fully automated luxury gay space communism then I *should* (I know should is a dangerous word, however, it IS how I want to live my life) use my actions to bring that dream into material reality

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THE FIRST GUY WHO EVER SAID LOOK IM NOT GONNA BLOW SMOKE UP YOUR ASS: look, im not gonna blow smoke up your ass
ALL OF HIS FRIENDS: fuckin what? you're not gonna WHAT?

I biked to work today! I’m trying to make more of a deal about it so I feel uh better about myself.

genie: you have three wishes

me: make every word have four letters

gnie: okay

meee: make evry word strt andd endd with 't'

tnit: that

teet: takt tvrt tort tavt 'oo' tint thet tdlt

toot: toot

toot: toot

y'all mind if I 

blame all of my neuroses on my evangelical upbringing?

self-doubt rambling 

how can I, someone who has unequivocally benefited from white hetero-patriarchal power structures, ethically justify devoting my time and energy to anything other than the destruction of those power structures? Like I wanna go to grad school but I only have that option because of the aforementioned benefits (which come at the expense of marginalized communities) Is there any justification for enriching myself off the back of that exploitation even if I'm not doing it directly?

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anyone else ever feel deeply ashamed about their perceived lack of praxis?

Riot Games, Sexism 

Barry Hawkins on why he left Riot Games in 2014: because he spoke up to management about rape jokes and was told that was the company culture and he was the problem

The #prisonstrike is in full swing.

3 ways to support rebels on the inside:

1. Call prisons abusing strikers -
2. Write letters of <3 to strikers -
3. Donate to strike fund -

To stay informed, follow this account and our RSS feed

Introducing...Tito the Tophaticent! And his beautiful assistant, Strong Mad with two basketballs shoved down his singlet!

The drive... the power... the skills... the motivation... the power again... the fortitude... the strive... the ideals... the list of attributes... The Municipality.

McCain dunk/cancer 

someone please tell me if I should delete this, I have little sense of propriety

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McCain dunk/cancer 

weird how McCain loved imperialism until one of his cells started doing imperialism on the rest of his body

incredibly long line for airport security time to just hope & wait

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