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Doing my part at the grocery store, putting stickers saying "for Gamers" on the soap and vegetables

this chill jazzy hip hop beats playlist is going to resolve all of the internal and external conflict in my life

fucking lmao posting photos online with tusky is spectacular

you gotta follow both my accounts to get all the content because I literally have no schema for deciding which instance I post a given toot to

I am now also @chaoticgoodboy@bofa.lol, probably gonna post primarily from there once my follows import & all that

hey for real though I would be very grateful if somebody invited me to the both of instance

@unhaunting are you unhaunting from twitter and if so can you do the ruthlessly committed to dialectics tweet as a toot so I can boost it? it's important to me

dota is fun but there are too many buttons you gotta press, and the schema for determining which buttons to press at which time is incredibly complex and influenced by a plethora of ever-changing factors

In the report Wilw sent to me, he says he scoured a person's profile for 20 minutes because the user said "go awf," and reported the guy saying cheeky things about Democratic candidates and for replying to a joke to giant Princess Zelda pee fetish porn.

Not in response to him. Just... posts. Just funny posts.

The dude is a nightmare.

I've been flooded with helpful advice and now all I need is an invite

ma'am, may I please have some bofa?

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so if I wanna transfer to bofa.lol I basically just make a new account that looks the same as this one?

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