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Lynchings have happened in the past as well, says @AmitShah@twitter.activitypub.actor! But never before were lynching accused garlanded by Union Ministers, never before the SC was forced to take cognizance & ask the legislature to bring a law against it! That's how organised it was! Quit lying, Mr. Shah! twitter.com/amitmalviya/status

जीना है तो मरना सीखो,कदम कदम पर लड़ना सीखो - George Reddy, Gold Medalist in Nuclear Physics, Osmania University

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Dr MMS was attacked, disparaged & ridiculed till 2014 by the same moronic bhakts who now support Feku.

Dr Saheb was a leader who provided integrity & intelligence to the @PMOIndia@twitter.activitypub.actor that it lacks now.

Dissent and criticism used to be normal and acceptable in our country till sometime back. They have now been browbeaten into submission and these voices have been completely suppressed. It is such a sad reflection of our times that when someone does it now, there seems to be some sort of disproportionate euphoria.


Pragya Thakur is a nice distraction. The question is, to what end.

This is a technique called 'Panning' - tracking a moving subject, using a low shutter speed and clicking while tracking.

What is expected is a burred background (because one is moving the camera) and a subject that is as sharp as one can get - basically giving a sense of motion in the frame.

Shot at Bharatpur early this year, the subject is a Painted Stork.

Be prepared to fail more times than you succeed.

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Not "we." Just "you."

You're being called out for your unprofessional journalism. twitter.com/rahulkanwal/status

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The one consistent feature of @RahulGandhi@twitter.activitypub.actor politics is his unsparing refusal to compromise with Sangh extremism. He has always called out the RSS. Which is why they attack him so persistently twitter.com/supriya23bh/status

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How do you describe a man who feels 'blessed' to receive a fraud at his residence ?? twitter.com/ArvindKejriwal/sta

Many media owners and media persons have a lot to answer for. History will not judge them kindly.

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Fisherfolk and tribal families fume as Kerala govt says it will shut public taps. @HarithaJohn1@twitter.activitypub.actor writes on an issue that's very important. Even Kerala Water Authority employees have said they will protest this. @vijayanpinarayi@twitter.activitypub.actor govt needs to rethink this thenewsminute.com/article/fish

The BJP may have lost Maharashtra.

But what we witnessed this week is one of the lowest points in India's politics. The complete disregard for Constitutional propriety and values will hurt India deeply.

My column


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To all those from BJP tweeting about - pls introspect a little.

You fielded Pragya Thakur who insulted 26/11 hero Hemant Karkare & sent her to the Parliament.

Pls save your fake crocodile tears.

Many of us who lost our dear ones will NEVER forget it.

News anchors at TimesNow, RepubliTV, AajTak & ZeeNews etc are looking in disbelief at their own images on TV screens!

Why so much attachment to one party? Your job is to report news & you are not expected to be mourning like any political party spokesperson!

A preamble closer to reality?

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On Constitution day sharing an alternative Preamble drafted by Rajeev Dhawan

🐦🔗: twitter.com/IJaising/status/11

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