okay i gotta get off my phone for now im getting carsick!!!

cuz if theres a reason i’ll move too but i? didnt think it mattered?

mastodon is actually like tumblr, it was fun at first but now everyone just ignores my toots, lame af

putting on my "down with cis" shirt to show my cis friends just how down i am with their identity :)

and yes i follow bitches back so follow my tunglr

hello all follow me on tumblr pls im @/redtext

Anyone on this website: Will you be my Mo-
Me, already signing my adoption papers: Of course my child! Now, do you prefer that I refer to you as your user name cumslut69420 or something else?

im like those dolls where you pull a string and they talk i just repeat the same 5 phrases

reminder if u awknowledge hussie is racist pearl from su hates u

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