I wish we could do UI/UX polls on what people would prefer for
1) Media upload progress - progress bar or percent as text?
2) Media tab in profile - forth tab (with scrolling tabs) or hidden in the menu?

@Maltimore it's already done - just polishing things. I want it myself!

@charlag I prefer progress bar. Done ratio in percent value is not intuitive for me. And accurate value doesn’t have much meaning, I think. For example, there isn’t big difference with 65% and 70% when we are uploading a file.

@charlag Darken the picture in the compose toot screen, and show a dark progress bar filling up with "tusky-blue" at the bottom but inside the picture.
For the media tab, I'd say to hide the Media in the menu.

@charlag maybe loomio would help for collaborative design efforts? I haven't seen anyone try yet

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