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[MOVED] Charlag @charlag

Working on a feature which lets you see what you're replying to. You can show and hide it I want it really badly because my memory is very weak.
mastodon.social/media/kDMWuZxe mastodon.social/media/EAe6vvbt

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@charlag Awesome! Do you know how the official Twitter app does it?

@ConnyDuck almost the same. They let you pull it down but that's not really convenient and also hard to implement. I like my implementation. mastodon.social/media/A_a5nX6n

@ConnyDuck I probably should put some background there

@ConnyDuck ugh, I don't want to animate it T_T maybe sometime later

@ConnyDuck should I put fix for saving reply status is to the dB in the same PR or to the separate one?

@charlag probably better to do it in a new pull request once I merged all the current ones :)