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[MOVED] Charlag @charlag

Awesome projects I didn't know about:
MediaGoblin mediagoblin.org

Notabug / GOGS

Peers community



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@charlag woah, I wonder if I can get gogs to compile on my pine64...

@Shadow8t4 it is available as the app on Freedombone so yes, you can freedombone.net/apps.html

@charlag oh, what's that? huh.
Right now I'm just using an armbian server build?... I'm a little confused. Must research.

@Shadow8t4 it is a... thing for armbian. Basically it is a collection of self-hosted web-services for you ARM board with simple configuration.
There's also a Mesh Networking

Yesterday I've ordered an ARM board to try it out!

@charlag oh nice!! I might want to consider getting myself a second ARM device if I'm going to be really getting into this. :3

I'm really glad these kinds of projects are becoming so much more accessible! I super enjoy this new wave of trying to get people to stop relying on centralized services, it really promotes a sense of independence in ones own computing needs.

@Shadow8t4 I'm really proud of you for doing a higher purpose. Sorry I'm being so annoying on every post. Also, having a second arm is pretty nice.

@charlag @Shadow8t4

See... now you two are making me want to dig out my RasPi to see if I can get #aardwolf to run on it :p

@banjofox @Shadow8t4 I think it should be as lightweight as Pleroma at least which works just fine afaik!

@banjofox @asonix but he's my sysadmin and he's like one of my best friends?? :P

@Shadow8t4 @asonix

And he also happens to be working on an HTTP-Signatures library that I want to integrate into #aardwolf...

because you know... I need MORE PRESSURE IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW! :D

@banjofox @asonix no pressure! You are doing a great job and I admire you. ;u;

@asonix @Shadow8t4

Yes. Your reputation is being a very good admin who supports their instance users.

Also... awoo

also also... anxiously awaiting HTTP-Signatures :D

also also also... If you have functional familiarity with Rocket/templates I would really appreciate a pointer or 6 v.v Not really sure how to tie them together. v.v

@banjofox @charlag honestly with how ambitious that project is, I would consider running a pi cluster for that or seeing if you can get a pin64 or two running it.

I just opened activitypub.rocks/implementati , followed to Bridgy Fed and was blown away by everything