So, today in
- I may fixed auth. May not. Cannot deploy from here, cannot check from localhost
- Double-tap is maybe working now
- There's a fav button which shows counter only when you like the post. It also shows fav status correctly.
- I've tried to use one carousel library to show multiple photos but it didn't really work out yet

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Code is awful (let's call it "Exploratory programming") but still, the fact that you can log in, load some public timeline (or I could fetch home one now?) and fav things is pretty cool. It could cover like 90% of typical Insta flow.

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@zatnosk DAMN sorry, I somehow missed it? No, it's unrelated. Should I change the name? I could at least look up some things if I knew sooner about your work

@charlag nah, you can keep it, if you want. I'm going to keep using the hashtag as a "mastodon-like alternative to instagram" codename, though :)

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