How comes doesn't use this, this is such a cool thing

This folding boi went through a lot of things with me, including an injury and a move. Now it seems like our roads diverge.
Take care, little friend.

Drinking coffee with @safertohatethem , doing some dogwatching, trying to make myself read about partial deduction.

#vegan Food 

Soba with a lot of green things and wheat sausage. Tasty!

I forgot to write about it but Hannover is a really great city, way above my expectations.

I've been super satisfied with so far. Everything worked perfectly (apart from one time indexer gone wild and that I get occasional SElinux warnings about tlp).

It's a shame becase look at this terrific login screen artwork.
But I'm tired of things being broken because of rolling, root being full because of misconfigured snapper, online help being almost nonexistent.

There are cool things like OBS, of course.

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Okay, I want to sleep but seems like my laptop is broken now? any ?

I'm not sure why's that but loading indicator in next version of looks super good.

I had an amazing day at Hannover and it ends with this purring thing on me and a vegan sandwich.

My host left me alone forthe night. That's the level of trust!

So, today in
- I may fixed auth. May not. Cannot deploy from here, cannot check from localhost
- Double-tap is maybe working now
- There's a fav button which shows counter only when you like the post. It also shows fav status correctly.
- I've tried to use one carousel library to show multiple photos but it didn't really work out yet

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