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Wow, giant photo archive of a little-known photographer Masha Ivashintsova was found recently. Apparently she was too shy to show it to anyone so it was hidden in the attic. Fascinating photos of Leningrad/St. Petersburg

Okay, I got it now, there's nothing wrong with photo layout, if is just super long Japanese instance names.

It's 2:37 but hey, I've built something like media timeline viewer for the Mastodon? It's awfully unfinished but you can try it out at
You can specify the tag like

Too anxious to sleep so I try to do some timeline with React and and new media_only API paremeter.

Couldn't sleep and couldn't do anything useful so I just tried using React Native for Masto.
I wish there was some option to only get statuses with media.


This game is great! I was looking for some platformer that is easier than 'pulling my hair' difficulty and what I found is beyond any expectations. This game has it all: story, design, MUSIC, gameplay. This is simply awesome. Thank you for this! It is just brilliant. And it let's you control your difficulty in a very interesting way!

I will just say that I LOVED IT

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