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it's fucked up that you could live in ancient egypt and there'd be ancient egyptian ruins, because ancient egypt just kind of went on for a really, really long time

I wonder if anyone, you know, tried manually changing status archive and manually importing them to DB. What kind of crap would it produce. finally... i'm gonna link this again with proper commentary and screencaps in the morning but i'm super excited about my first environmental #3d piece

#blender3d #mastoart

How comes doesn't use this, this is such a cool thing

Oh, and ofc it has to not disappear silently, that's one of the biggest concerns

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Finding the right instance would be such a pain for me.
I use another one for my alt but I don't feel much of a "community" vibe there (tbh I don't use it much either so that might be the problem).
I want to be friends with admin too so I can trust them.
I want it to be pretty strict and ban shitheads and bad instances.

Another problem: I know a lot of people here from the very early days and many of them are still here. Feels weird.

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I am thinking about moving to another instance.
I was waiting for a better migration tool than we have (I would love to move my toots) but it doesn't seem to come anytime soon. Should I wait?

ActivityPub support for GNU Social is in the works! I'll be working with @up201705417 on a plugin this summer.

I am also super lazy and lost today and I'm not sure what I should be doing.
I tried playing some Endless Sky. It's pretty good but I got tired soon.

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My supervisor doesn't answer me for 3 days and I'm starting to get really worried.

GNOME Boxes is a wonderful piece of software. I have no idea what was keeping me on VirtualBox all this time, now that I've found Boxes.

Pix from the last couple days, testing smc pentax F 35-70mm on the q7. ~160-320mm equivalent focal length. Not very fast, but fairly compact even with the adapter, and very cheap.

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