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I'm back after a break. This one I don't believe because I have been using it since I was a teen. And I am 67 years old and don't like big Pharma.

@shal_maneser Thank you for following. Great evening to you or whatever your time zone is

@charles_berry1011 that's smart, I eat way too much processed stuff and it's definitely gonna catch up to me at some point. in the meantime I'm gonna enjoy it though haha

@Spacedrake The nice thing about about making your own french fries or potato wedges is you can season them they way you like. And yes, they are damn good. My family and I are trying to stay away processed food as much as we can. Besides salt is not good for me because of Hypertension. Thanks for the toot

Pulled Pork I cooked this for several hours. It came apart so easily and the flavors knocked my family and my taste buds

@Spacedrake That is true.. I make them myself and they are hand cut and cooked in Olive Oil. FYI: Potatoes are packed with potassium which turns into electrolytes that provide electrical energy for our bodies

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