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I am a game industry veteran of 19 years. Game programming and game design. I've worked on some really high profile stuff over the years. I love chatting about gamedev and design.

I also started playing guitar some years back. I've gotten pretty decent and am trying to make music now. I am a huge metalhead and can laser target recommendations.

Global warming is going to end human civilization. We've lived through the best of times and it will only get worse.

Fuck nazis.

Wow. So Brad Wardell decides to try and steal an IP, fuck over the actual owners, rather than, you know, trying to find some way to officially license it, and when his bogus litigation fails, he... threatens to lay off his own employees?

That man is a business genius!

I care so intensely for some people sometimes and I am not even sure they see me as more than a random person on the internet.

Social media is weird yo.

at long last, the game I spent 4.5 years on is going to come out. it's been 2.5 years since I left.

not entirely sure what to feel but it's going to be nice to have some closure.

Mail tracking is the best and worst of inventions. That is all.

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I have officially put audio on soundcloud so that if I have a viral toot I can say "please check out my soundcloud"

Been working on a best metal of 2018 playlist if you'd like. Even if you don't have Google Music, you can scroll through to find recommendations.

I think I am officially a millennial now because I paid money to see a youtube show live.

@nicknicknicknick @Portablecity hey I don't know if I ever linked this too you but I'm going to do so now. Best sludge album ever recorded, small local unknown toronto band.

scarcity is a myth. there should not be food deserts in a country where there is enough flesh on the 1% to go around

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