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I am a game industry veteran of 19 years. Game programming and game design. I've worked on some really high profile stuff over the years. I love chatting about gamedev and design.

I also started playing guitar some years back. I've gotten pretty decent and am trying to make music now. I am a huge metalhead and can laser target recommendations.

Global warming is going to end human civilization. We've lived through the best of times and it will only get worse.

Fuck nazis.

Been quiet lately but have been making good progress. With Unity workflow clicking for me, I've been able to speed forward. I have a data workflow that allows me to define a bunch of game data in google spreadsheets and then export to json for direct import into the game which is going to make tweaking and iteration far quicker. I am also close to being done the first game loop.

I had a Unity epiphany tonight with workflow, and finally started to understand the benefit of building components instead of just C# classes and running all the logic separate.

I hooked up resources to the save data and UI. Which is a minor piece but now that I can visually track what will be the core backbone of contracts, it's feeling more concrete. Also getting a lot more familiar with the overall Unity workflow.

Managed to get the framework for Actions and Turns sorted out, so now I have the basis to start implementing some game loops.

It turns out using mind-mapping software (I am using Mindmup) to generate free-form ideas, and then feeding them into flowcharts (using DrawIO) has been absolutely wonderful for helping crystalize design ideas, which I'm then feeding into a clear design doc (Google Docs)

My entire flow works via google drive, and it's surprisingly effective.

It's not glorious or flashy but mapping out gameloops using flowcharts is a nice way of visualizing the mechanics and identifying design holes.

I hit a wall with building out systems in Unity, where I realized I didn't have enough design answers. So I dived back into design, and been having surprising luck with mind-mapping software for brainstorming.

Yours truly is now apparently writing metal reviews. This is a thing I've wanted to do forever... and somehow I've lucked into it. Fingers crossed they accept my submissions!

personally i would have gone with
"Dangerous Libertarian Tech Billionaire Hams It Up with Popular Internet Racist"

I posted too soon! these patches cover all pronouns! So if you like battle jackets, these are for you!

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Wow. So Brad Wardell decides to try and steal an IP, fuck over the actual owners, rather than, you know, trying to find some way to officially license it, and when his bogus litigation fails, he... threatens to lay off his own employees?

That man is a business genius!

I care so intensely for some people sometimes and I am not even sure they see me as more than a random person on the internet.

Social media is weird yo.

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