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I am a game industry veteran of 19 years. Game programming and game design. I've worked on some really high profile stuff over the years. I love chatting about gamedev and design.

I also started playing guitar some years back. I've gotten pretty decent and am trying to make music now. I am a huge metalhead and can laser target recommendations.

Global warming is going to end human civilization. We've lived through the best of times and it will only get worse.

Fuck nazis.

There are two parallel worlds.

The world our leaders live in, where economic growth is the solution to all society's problems.

And the real world, where chasing endless growth means there's now a 50% chance we'll surge past 1.5C by 2027 on our way to imminent societal collapse.

What’s worse for our mental health, wearing masks or knowing that 90% of everyone around you doesn’t care if you die.

The chrome's developers themselves are explaining why you should *not* use their browser:

I propose we start saying "bigot whistle" instead of "dog whistle" because 1) dogs are great and don't deserve to be associated with this and 2) people can't hear dog whistles, but everyone can hear a bigot whistle clear as day.

I further propose the noise at the 7-second mark of this video be the official bigot whistle sound that accompanies any such bigot whistling:

Recommend me some good follows because my timeline is stagnant AF

canpoli / climate 

This is the most peak liberal bullshit I've ever seen. Asking for oil extraction to be "net zero". This is how they claim they are "good" on the environment.

I hate it so much.

Anyone have any suggestions for masto instances that might be a little more community oriented? I'm a fan of screaming about the downfall of human civilization and music. Sometimes games.

Love to see game industry takes from a person from marketing who "runs" a game company and their credits have absolutely nothing to do with game development and they've never worked at a game studio, yet somehow hold a lot of prestige positions and teaches game stuff at a university.

And ya wonder why the industry is so fucked up.

Just saw someone refer to calling out the wealthy's disproportionate contribution to global warming as "class warfare" on the hellsite and I just want to go back to sleep.

"im not owned! im not owned!!", the lettuce continues to insist as it slowly shrinks and is transformed into a big mac

I think there would be value in organizing related groups of people, but I wish that was part of the platform in a way that didn't require you to organize running your own instance.

So I like the potential, but I don't think it can ever be properly met as-is.

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The problem with Mastodon, from my POV, is that the federated / global timelines are largely useless unless you have a custom or local instance, but there's no good way of verifying that someone running a server like that isn't a malicious actor, short of running it yourself.

I really wish I could widen the columns here a bit. I hate empty vertical space.

Been quiet lately but have been making good progress. With Unity workflow clicking for me, I've been able to speed forward. I have a data workflow that allows me to define a bunch of game data in google spreadsheets and then export to json for direct import into the game which is going to make tweaking and iteration far quicker. I am also close to being done the first game loop.

I had a Unity epiphany tonight with workflow, and finally started to understand the benefit of building components instead of just C# classes and running all the logic separate.

I hooked up resources to the save data and UI. Which is a minor piece but now that I can visually track what will be the core backbone of contracts, it's feeling more concrete. Also getting a lot more familiar with the overall Unity workflow.

Managed to get the framework for Actions and Turns sorted out, so now I have the basis to start implementing some game loops.

It turns out using mind-mapping software (I am using Mindmup) to generate free-form ideas, and then feeding them into flowcharts (using DrawIO) has been absolutely wonderful for helping crystalize design ideas, which I'm then feeding into a clear design doc (Google Docs)

My entire flow works via google drive, and it's surprisingly effective.

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