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Hello folks. I'm Charlotte Ariel Finn. This is my newer, more unified handle, same as on Mastodon as it is on Twitter.

I blog here:

I write a webcomic, with ING on art, here: - which I'll be retooting in the coming days, once I have set up its own account.

Looking forward to interacting with you, unless you are a dink!


Last night's nightmares was me getting raked over the coals on social media for having an unpopular opinion on nerd shit.

Really wish I could see my therapist in good conscience right now.

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I am glad that none of the friends I met in Toronto treated me like a fraud, because I sure felt like one.

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I had a nightmare that my hair all fell out as I ran my hand through it.

So I guess I'm still upset over the damage that T has done to my hairline.

My "I am not made out of cake" T-shirt has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my shirt

Can't believe I have seen zero "the cake is a lie" posts. Are we... are we free?

Shilling for my Patreon 

For the curious, I wrote a novella about the background of my MASKS character and put it on Patreon. Membership is $1 a month.

no matter how many times i see this video it's still funny to me

Dae u ever git that smell that u can only describe as 'topside' like someone comes in the underdark from topside n ur like 'u smell of topside'

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went tae the tavern an got me crew eight drinks an the lassie asked 'will ye be needin a tray?' Obviously ah will ya bloody reprobate ahm no a fuckin illithid

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Source unknown

Think I'm gonna portray the Drow like this from now on

Scene from the Air Bud adaptation of Animal Farm 

They had thought the Fifth Commandment was "No animal shall be forbidden from playing basketball," but there were three words that they had forgotten. Actually the Commandment read: "No animal NAMED AIR BUD shall be forbidden from playing basketball."

MASKS Art Commission 

P.S. guess which powerful brain goddess realized that, given that the Titans were the forerunners of the gods of Mount Olympus, that when my team calls itself the Young Olympians, it matches exactly to "Teen Titans."

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MASKS Art Commission 

Finally took the plunge and got a commission of this session's big emotional moment. My character Demi has been handling her cruel fate remarkably well, but she finally broke down in anger and fear after a very scary close call.

This isn't the first time she had a breakdown inside of her genie lamp. But this time she had a friend in her fellow Young Olympian, Pop Vulture.

Art by Shizamura in Birdsite:

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You have heard of the uncle who works at Nintendo, now get ready for the aunt who is a

in 2008 we'd all crowd round the computer to see what the One Big New Thing was on the internet that week. there was only one thing that happened on the internet every week, by the end of the week news had reached all the outer forums and everyone knew about it. it was usually a flash game or a youtube poop. we'd all crowd round the computer. excited about what this week's new content was gonna be. the video loads. its luigi, and hes saying "SPAGHETTI" over and over again for eight minutes

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