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Hello folks. I'm Charlotte Ariel Finn. This is my newer, more unified handle, same as on Mastodon as it is on Twitter.

I blog here:

I write a webcomic, with ING on art, here: - which I'll be retooting in the coming days, once I have set up its own account.

Looking forward to interacting with you, unless you are a dink!

First day back from her vacation and my boss's tendency to have highly infectious moments of panic is already back in full swing.

Watching episode 1 of Chernobyl right before bed was not a good idea.

I took a break and checked Twitter and a couple of friends are having it out with the ex-friend who went TERF.

I appreciate my new friends, but I'm still a little upset that my old friend turned out to be a pile of shit, and now I'm analyzing old behaviors trying to figure out if I should have seen it coming.

There are seventeen people packed into this house and I'm trying not to panic

Coming out 

To the dude on this bus listening to music without headphones, I hope the Bad Places invents a new type of spider to stick in one of your least favorite holes

I, the bravest of souls, am updating my work computer's BIOS

God Dammit, they gave worgens heritage armor and top hats come with

A cowpoke logging into Mastodon:
"Well this looks like a real tootenanny"

can't believe they still made music after the day the music died that's the sign of a collapsing civilization

Seriously my sister and my father are in agreement that there is "too much ideology" in politics. Not sure how this works.

I am having supper with the family and have snuck off to find jobs in other cities on my phone

I finally took a deep breath and reached out to an artist that I wanna work with, now that this script is exactly where I want it.

I dunno why I find it so hard!! But I do.

Jimmy Olsen #2 

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