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Charlotte Ariel Finn

RIP Charlotte, she saw Daisy Ridley in a tux

A great movie that was rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreal hard for me to watch.

I am off to see A FANTASTIC WOMAN, and the parents did not give me weird looks (I didn't tell them anything but the name and the Oscar nom)

I have been informed that people pronounce AT-AT as "hat hat" and I understand why people join doomsday cults now

Fuck to Churchill for this eternity and all others

Ultimately More Fun Comics proved more financially successful for National Publications than its predecessor, Less Fun Comics.

What's the service for sending folks cash that has the lowest user fees?

I dig Michael Shannon and Michael B. Jordan a great deal but I have a nagging fear that the HBO adaptation of F451 will take five episodes to get to "maybe burning books is bad"

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Health stuff Show more

It'd be super duper if the mercury would climb over -20 so I could go outside for more than an hour at a time

NIGHTBEACH, me and @thatdarnskull's 16-page epic about lifeguards battling the paranormal, is coming to Comixology soon--but you can read it RIGHT NOW if you subscribe to my Patreon: โ€ฆ

Other phrases we have already made jokes about: "besom," "back-house weight," "chroming the rock," "firm weight vs. peel weight vs. nice weight," "hog line violation," "kizzle kazzle," "lazy handle," "out of stones," "swingy ice," and "the Tournament of Hearts." Get your own

Good evening. We in Canada wish to talk about curling.

We are aware that with phrases like "the button," "hurry hard," and "around the horn," curling sounds vaguely sleazy.

But a) how dare you impugn the name of this most noble sport, and b) we made all those jokes already

You could show me a Kingdom Hearts screenshot of Donald Duck joining ISIS and I would have to shrug and go "I guess it's canon" at this stage

Hey Mastodon! Strange Romance Volume 3 is now available for download!

I dunno how the heck I wound up promoting and/or writing three different comic projects in the same week, but guess what happened

If you want over a hundred pages of digital romance comics for under five dollars, have I got a deal for you all: STRANGE ROMANCE 2018 is now available on Comixology!

For fans of comics, romance, comics with romance, strange comics, and comic with strange romance, today is your lucky day: STRANGE ROMANCE, VOL. 3, assistant-edited by yours truly, is in the Comixology store RIGHT NOW.