Today in "YouTube Film Criticism and Birdsite Users are Completely Normal," someone started termsearching for "Shut Up About Plot Holes" and sealioning people about it

It's awful when you Email a prof, and you worry they'll cuss you out over a question like "hey, can I get an answer key for the practice problems?"

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I went to do some reading for my course and I'd already done it after class last week 😎




Hopefully Twitter doesn't broadcast to the world that I accidentally hit follow on a shithead's account when I meant to hit block after running the good ol' blockchain. It'd be the dumbest fucking thing humanly possible for Birdsite to do,, so there's even odds that it'll happen.

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I'm tabling at FanExpo tomorrow. Table A427.

Please come. It was so lonely today.

I think it's fine for people to use entertainment as escapism, especially in times of turmoil. But there's a point where "escapism" becomes flat-out denial.

Fact: For the Andy Griffith Show's entire run - from 1961-1968, a black person only has a speaking role one time.

So... again, I'm stuck with only pennies to live on for the next week after bills are paid. If you can throw a few dollars my way, even a couple, it would help me immeasurably; if not, please boost.

I actually bought Wildstar when it was released, and you ever watch a AAA MMO get just about everything wrong?

I am downloading Wildstar for comedy value and the downloader is managing to crash. I'm kind of impressed.

My arm is sore but my spirit is high, for this page is Goddamn lettered

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