Halloween Girl and the Secret of the Skeleton Key, a 30-page Halloween Girl adventure by @CharlotteOfOz, myself, and Hassan Ostmane-Elhaou, is coming to Comixology next Wednesday!

You can still get last year’s issues from Comixology: comixology.com/Halloween-Girl/

And Gumroad: gumroad.com/l/GgvaH and gumroad.com/l/CXQXw

I’ll be posting the first five pages of the new issue a day at a time starting tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that.

4Chan Nazis: the left can't meme we're winning the meme war lol top kek reeee NPCs

Actual Leftists: Gritty is a genderfluid communist Antifa member, that's accepted now, fuck your frog, it took all of four hours to make this happen.

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I am remembering that time where Johnny Storm a) had swapped powers with Sue, b) had them amped up by the Power Cosmic, and c) as a result of that, Sue's power to make invisible things visible went into overdrive and he could see the true selves of the other members of the Fantastic Four. This is:

✔️ comics bullshit
✔️ the most comics bullshit
✔️ the best comics bullshit

Fearsome Crittober Day 6: The Tripodero.

A creature from California with telescoping legs. When it sees prey, it will extend its legs, balance itself with its lengthy tail, and shoot a mud pellet from its blowgun-like snout. Four-legged and birdlike variations on the creature have also been spotted.

Halloween names and avatars are a Birdsite tradition I want to keep alive.

When you're browsing on Firefox and you accident open in a new window instead of a new tab.

houses are just birdhouses for non-birds

Holy shit, NCIX sold off all their servers after going bankrupt and apparently never encrypted or wiped anything globalnews.ca/news/4476625/nci

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The most foolish way I have ever given myself gender dysphoria (this week) Show more

The most foolish way I have ever given myself gender dysphoria (this week) Show more

Today in "YouTube Film Criticism and Birdsite Users are Completely Normal," someone started termsearching for "Shut Up About Plot Holes" and sealioning people about it

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