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In related depressing infosec news, big US mobile carriers are providing an api to third parties that based on your ip address provide them with your name, billing information and precise location (from the cell tower).

Librem 5 funded!!

Under EU copyright reform, all code you upload is treated as potential copyright infringement and possibly blocked by filters #savecodeshare #fsfe

so it's International Podcast Day an I didn't know?
What a chance to mention the DataKnightmare podcast has a home for both its feeds, Italian and English!

another example of food-industry-gone-mad I can totally live without...

Nell'attesa di una imminente versione in inglese, ecco l'ultimo episodio. Share and enjoy!

my desire of never ever have to set foot on American soil has never been stronger

'Jackie Stevens Exposes the Bizarre World of Immigrations Courts and Detention Centers'
take-away: the system is bonkers and also, if you're not white, apparently fuck ius solis

"This is not Big Brother, we are just trying to help people have an easier time getting on with their life. If they didn’t want to do this then they don’t have to. Can you imagine a situation where you just go around and present your face and you just walk into a shop and you don’t have to mess around with cards and stuff. It detects who you are. [...] Really, you could just buy stuff by presenting your face in front of the till."
this the best use of scientific research?

From the same guy who invented "psych profiling based on Facebook posts".
1) Type I and II error rates are WTF-high
2) What should be an acceptable use of this? I cannot come up with ANY, and I have imagination to spare.
Still, this shit passes as research. It will end in tears.

New entry!
Factoring in the Chicken McNugget monoid
Article by Scott Chapman and Christopher O'Neill
In collections: Animals, Attention-grabbing titles, Easily explained, Unusual arithmetic
Every day, 34 million Chicken McNuggets are sold worldwide. At most McDonalds locations in the United States today, Chicken McNuggets...
Entry: read.somethingorotherwhatever.

"Share YouTube videos without giving Google and its partners ad revenue or views. Bypass country blocks and age restrictions. Download YouTube videos and music. Deny Google your data."

La journaliste Leila Minano publie la version "augmentée" de son article sur l' Open Bar Microsoft / Défense publiée en mai 2017 sur Marianne.

Une véritable pinata à Scud :)

Microsoft qui fait pression sur des CT à coup d'audit, Gendarmerie qui avance cachée, des lobbyistes avec des adresses qui poussent les *collègues* à passer à windows 10 et des dizaines de millions d'€ versés dans un bon gros sandwich irlandais, etc....

\o/ Open Bar \o/

PrimeGrid has found a new biggest generalised Fermat prime. It's also the 12th largest of all known primes:

\[ 919444^{1048576}+1 \]

A generalised Fermat prime is a prime of the form \( a^{2^n} + 1 \)

Announcement at

For the record, the pizza was excellent, if sour. Next up: a FOIA request. I'm going to take my protest to a higher level.

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