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Cipher Charly :lock: @charlyblack

even in Italy, something seems to be moving against the Mother of all Data Grabs. who knows where it may lead.

"Detailed medical records of 61 million Italian citizens to be given to IBM for its “cognitive computing” system Watson"... and the right to "own" the data, identifiable records, etc....
Slowly the news is going around @dataKnightmare but is there a way to stop this usual sell-out by the Italian government?

@paolo a group of MPs signed a formal interrogation for the Ministry of Health asking to know the exact terms of the agreement and whether the national Data Guardian (Garante) had been made consulted.

I'm just now writing a post about this. Link soon.

Remember in the 90s, when teens were more tech savvy than adults, and everyone assumed that the savviest would just keep getting younger? Now it's 2017, and the people who were teens in the 90s are the most tech savvy generation and probably will be until they die.

Kids don't grow up with computers any more, they grow up with iPhones. If it's possible to learn to code on an iPhone, it's despite Apple's best efforts.

@mus fomo for virtual social world and jomo for actual social world : story of my days

Important. Italian MP Pierpaolo Vargiu has filed an official request for clarification (a "parliamentary interrogation" in Italian polspeak) to the Ministry of Health regarding the #Watson Health #sanitary data-grab-for-investment deal OK'd by the previous government. #data #datagrab

Background here:

reddit IAmA by findx: they are building a Europe-based private open-source search engine with its own index

How to install #NHSUbuntu, the #Ubuntu based distribution created by Marcus Baw (@marcus_baw), Rob Dyke (@robdykedotcom) and Kenny Kennington (@kenni39) for the #NHS, video:

If 3 (good) techies can do it how is it possible that in the public sector most say the we must buy Windows?

@dataKnightmare @Gargron yeah I got in just in time. weird Octogon is down, I guess we'll find out soon

@dataKnightmare actually I have always been on only.. is dead?

Steal Your Life Using 5 Cents: Hacking Android Smartphones with NFC Tags

Carlos Bermejo, Pan Hui

[...]We conduct a series of experiments and we expose that with NFC and Android devices are vulnerable to URL/URI spoofing, Bank/social network information hacking, and user's device tracking via fingerprint and geo-location[...]

R2-D2: ColoR-inspired Convolutional NeuRal Network (CNN)-based AndroiD Malware Detections

TonTon Hsien-De Huang et al.

...In this research, we haven't extract selected any features... from Android apps. We develop our own method for translating Android apps into rgb color code and transform them to a fixed-sized encoded image...the encoded image is fed to convolutional neural network for automatic feature extraction and learning, reducing ... intervention.

I wonder how the community feels about this..

I was thinking to pick up a fight, but in the end it's not even worth it

@ilpianista great... well, it is not surprising. I am proud to say I don't and hope I'll never own a car at this point.

@dataKnightmare I am dreaming of the Librem 13 by Purism, with even QubesOS pre-installed if you feel like it... if only the price was a bit lower

Purism is a very cool company, in their words: "the most ambitious hardware+software liberation effort ever undertaken, with a strong focus on security"

@aral if Norwegian are surprised by this they should really reconsider the concept of privacy in the society, and what are they already agreeing you say, there's much worse and not always even perceived as a privacy threat

@ilpianista the concern here is that I bet insurance companies will push this kind of tracking to be mandatory for all clients, which at the moment is not, at least in