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Cipher Charly :lock:

Noël a pris un peu d'avance cette année !! Vous pouvez désormais analyser votre application préférée ➡️ !!
Et n'oubliez pas de nous aider 💗

Christmas is earlier than expected this year!! Now, you can analyze your favorite application ➡️ !!
Don't forget to help us 💗

Those who have been historically underserved by the health care system will be severely impacted by the repeal of… source:

#Patreon made a very bad call deciding to squeeze small donors, which are the majority of support for any non-superstar.
So I'm glad to announce DataKnightmare is now using #LiberaPay.
Inviting all patrons to move their support away from #Patreon and into #LiberaPay. Thank you!

"Introduzione del divieto dell'uso anonimo della rete internet e disposizioni in materia di tutela del diritto all'oblio" :-O

#italian #nonsense

You know, if Liberpay made it easy for Patreon creators to transfer their patrons to their platform, they could become a force very, very quickly.

This is a really important time to push free and open source alternatives to #Patreon! I've considered using @Liberapay, but was afraid I had to use Patreon to get the network effect.

Please tell people about #Liberapay, post about it on Reddit (r/patreon), vote it up on Alternativeto, etc

Please boost! This kind of opportunity to topple a near monopoly with FLOSS does not come often!
Are there other FLOSS #crowdfunding platforms?

Liberapay is now officially a multi-currency platform! We have implemented support for US dollars in addition to the euro. Blog post:

e la puntata di lunedì 11 è già pronta! parlerà della merda^D legge Europea che sembra voler consegnare i dati sanitari degli italiani a IBM.
Facebook Messenger, la Germania che vuole nei device le backdoor di stato (ma chi credono di essere, gli Americani?) e quant'altro andrà al 18. Pant!

#NordVPN answer for the presence of tracker in their app. I can’t recommand to use their official app if you have a real privacy concern. I hope a nice move from them. Use #OpenVPN with your #NordVPN subscription. Cc @exodus @privacylab
#privacy #vpn

Et hop! On a maintenant une vue synthétique des trackers / permissions directement depuis la liste des applications !

bought an orange which looked delicious and turned out to be rotten inside... perfectly sums up the week-end

Rajouter la détection des trackers de Google et Facebook à εxodus change tout de suite la tronche des rapports !! 😂

Recalcule des rapports en cours.

Stay tuned!

εxodus sait désormais détecter Google Analytics :

εxodus is now able to detect Google Analytics:

Nos 476 rapports ont été mis à jour. Il ne devrait plus y avoir de faux-positifs !
Si nos rapports vous sont utiles, n'oubliez pas de soutenir :

Our 476 reports have been updated. No more false-positives!
If our reports are useful for you, do not forget to help us:

"Yale University Law School’s Privacy Lab and the France-based nonprofit @exodus have documented... trackers of one kind or another, which mostly exist for advertising, behavioral analytics or location tracking."

@charlyblack yes, I was remarking about this today. Fucked boomers for parents, economic crises and constant bullshit.

Excellente présentation aux #JRES2017 "Quelle infrastructure pour dégoogliser Internet ? " par @framasky de @Framasoft

En #peertube #p2p avant l'heure

La liste des technos ressemble terriblement à ce qu'on fait au boulot ;-)