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صفر @charlyblack

the programming and linux by Julia Evans are lovely,
I've seen a bunch of comics by her circulating here on Mastodon, like the one about grep in the picture, so a link to her website is due 😀


and here a link to support her by buying some zines if you are interested gumroad.com/b0rk

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@e right? I wish she were here on mastodon 😉

@charlyblack She would probably come if we gave her a personal invitation. I wonder why she hasn't already. She's on HN and Lobsters.

@charlyblack She doesn't use IRC anymore, which is where I used to talk to her, and I don't know her email address. I'll try to bring up Masto next time I run into her.

@charlyblack Oh, wait, she does publish her email address. Pretty sure she didn't. I'll email her to ask.

@charlyblack I have one on my desk on debugging tools. She's GREAT!

Wow that Bite Size Linux is unreal. 🤗