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"GitLab, a San Francisco-based provider of hosted git software, recently changed its company handbook to declare it won't ban potential customers on "moral/value grounds," and that employees should not discuss politics at work."

Woop woop, it's the 3rd International Repair Day on Saturday October 19th!

Over 250 events around the world over the weekend, 6 continents covered...

#RepairDay #RightToRepair

What the fuck is wrong with whatever kind of Android user this is

absolutely blown away reading a news article about how Pacific Gas & Electric was found negligent and using funds for extreme profits since back in the 80s up to as recent as the Camp Fires. That's almost 30 years of profiteering at the expense of human lives, environmental safety and major infrastructure risk. This is just stuff that is KNOWN.

No one has gone to jail or is being held accountable for this. Crimes of this scale aren't illegal if you are a company.

After the hype non-white, non-straight movies and shows have been getting (Killing Eve, Pose, Black Panther, Moonlight, Crazy Rich Asians etc) over the last few years I would not be surprised if The Joker won an Oscar. Nah, I'm serious.

There is *always* a white backlash to the success of films that don't center the white gaze. ALWAYS. That's what America is.

It doesn't matter it always leaves us worse off then when we started. A big part of white identity is just to cause undue suffering.

Do you ever wonder whose skin it was before they hastily stretched it over their exoskeletons

SF Bay Area PG&E outage: No alarms, no license plate readers over intersections, cops are busy. Enjoy!

Biased data sets in law enforcement.

"The problem is that crime statistics do not reflect the crimes actually occurring; rather, they provide a picture of the state's response to crime."

"The data on which we train technology 'uncritically ingests yesterday's mistakes', as James Bridle puts it, encoding the barbarianism of the past into the future."

(Future Histories)

From a Breitbart hack. Shows how the far-Right is building up a narrative of support for ISIS + Turkish State attacks against #Rojava due to the regions' support for an autonomous, and stateless form of direct democracy, ecology, and feminism knows as 'Democratic Confederalism.'

They're literally just shutting power off to everyone but SF. Welcome to the future.

what's a few boosts among friends?

PG&E just gave nearly a million people six hours to prepare for a shut-off that may last up to five days. Now I have to run out and find a fucking gas generator.

I literally have to buy my mom a fucking gas generator to keep her medicine cold because this is the USA in 2019

god i wish programming communities had been like this when i started

Dear person freestyling into the voice memos app on their phone in this Berkeley Whole Foods:

I realize sometimes the spirit takes you and you need to spit bars regardless of location, but you are standing directly in front of the tomato paste.

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