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The further implication is that Saudi Arabia is willing to go to war for it, even if that means a World War, because the conflict would draw in allies like Syria, Russia, the DPRK, China, etc.

Context: If oil futures prices don’t move, one can infer markets believe Iran has been marginalize to a degree that the USA can pressure OPEC via Saudi Arabia to eat any near-term price fluctuations.

Overheard: “Ooh, opera-length fisting gloves..”

that time dean ambrose and luke harper wore the same outfit EMBARRASSING

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does anyone want to get findommed by me so i can afford a tattoo of a rat smoking a blunt

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[desperately trying to be cool] it’s 16:20 !

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How long until we start hearing:

"I'm not a republican, I have a friend who's [insert non-anglo ethnicity here]"

I can’t believe I’m gonna have to fight a fucking war in my 40s ugh my knees

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im the sick lead in the remix of a track you hate

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"fake it till you make it" has been absolutely co-opted by the mainstream to basically mean "lie to everyone including yourself, its emotionally healthy i promise"

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Like there's so much to say about this and I don't have the academic backing to really talk about it.

The system is not broken like I previously said; the system is engineered and maintained this way deliberately.

Poverty> Poor Food> Poor Health> No Health Care> No Paid Time Off> No Funds> Square One

My city is building a fucking *waterpark*. Yes. City. Not private corp. You know what would be a better use of city funds? Communal fucking gardens. Feed the people, you fucking cowards.

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