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Nice sky here at the gas station

I just remembered that the new Pacific Rim movie comes out this weekend and I can't tell if I'm more excited or anxious

Ha, I just checked the thermostat, and it is 59 degrees?! Thanks, friend

Someone forgot to leave the heat on in the office last night, and it is freezing in here this morning

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My eyelids got heavy in the first part of the training so the instructor came and stood next to me and asked me a lot of complicated questions about the topic 😂

I have to go to a training in an unfamiliar part of town tomorrow with a bunch of strangers and I don’t wanna ☹️

Ohhhh I bet they got my info from one of those Fred Pryor seminars I was forced into attending a couple of years ago, makes sense

I just got a letter at my place of business addressed directly to me from an out-of-state law school asking if I'd ever wanted to try a part-time JD program. What on earth

I left home for work this morning when it was still dark outside. About a block away from my house, I stopped to let what I thought was a cat cross in front of my car. The cat turned out to be a possum! I watched it scuttle across a neighbor's lawn and disappear into a hedge. Where do you live, friend?

It's fun when one weather app tells you you've got rain coming in during the afternoon into the evening and the other tells you you're in for a long night of tornadoes and hail

I helped mom out on a job this afternoon and it was wonderful to dig holes for roses in a beautiful garden while a gentle rain fell

@checkervest dog update: casually sitting like a human

Good morning! I’m sitting on the cold steps because I don’t have the heart to break this up. Maybe I should put another chair out here.

Playing around with brushes tonight

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I also keep forgetting dude Shepard is even an option. Like how? How? So dull???? I can’t even imagine it.

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Look how big Penny’s gotten!

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