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The small children next door just figured out their mom can’t hear them out here and they went from tentatively saying “what the hell” and glancing nervously at the house to screaming “WHAT THE HELL” as they bounce on the trampoline

I'm in the process of migrating my account to lighten the load a bit over here, come follow me at @checkervest while I get things figured out!

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I got to work about five minutes early, right as my boss was headed out the door. As he walked out he either said jokingly, "Late as usual, I see!" or sternly, "Not late as usual, I see!" and then he left, I'm going to be sweating over that one all day

hi, it's me, the c-y-c
posting a little poem so that you can see
what i'm like, what you get
when you follow me

i post a fun joke every now and again
and maybe talk about music, fren
sometimes i'll say something about my life
or offer positivity in strife

i also like movies and games
and like to share my thoughts on thangs
i also post some food and beer
but behind a cw, so have no fear

i hope you liked my poem, here
because i'm 'fraid it has to end
but maybe you can be a friend

As far as I can tell the cats in the kitchen are quarreling over who gets to roll around on top of a piece of ice

1. see something nice when going about your day
2. write about it
3. revel in the fact that we are all just people
4. give emotional support and validation to others who write about that nice thing they saw today

For , I’m making myself analyze pictures. Send me a pic, and I’ll use the tricks up my sleeve to send you back a description. You can also send your pics on to ChangelingRandy. No pornographic pics, please.

My 17-pound cat decided to jump onto me from a tall bureau when I was sitting on the bed four feet away and the result was that neither of us had a very good time

I know there are a lot of new users but please be mindful of your actions. The percent of toots about jorts is at an all time low

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So a week ago I told y’all I was making a #shirt—well, it arrived! If you, too, reject societal #masculinity norms maybe you’d like one too? If so, you can get one at Let me know if you do and send a picture if you’re comfortable and let me know if I can boost it! #selfie

I see people in my life being unkind, realizing it, and attempting to compensate with generosity. And I appreciate that they're trying. But there is no substitute for kindness.

Apologies and reparations help, but the way to tell if someone really means the apology is whether they change themselves to avoid hurting people in the future.

#Kindness means taking responsibility for the effects your actions have on others.

More tea might not be the solution but it sure as h*ck can't hurt

Hey Mastodon. I know I have like, 4 actual followers on here or something, but maybe somebody will see me on the timeline.

I could really use some philanthropy right about now. I'm 2 years and 60 job interviews down with a traumatic brain injury... I'm trying to create a source of income for my family by expanding my Twitch channel.

Please consider kicking in, or passing it on if you would. Thanks for looking. ❤️

spring rain
a silent raven
its image unsteady
i offer my own

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