I need to think about doing a new introduction post after not being very active on here for a few months.

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RT @WalterSimonson@twitter.com: Seems like a good idea.

Dang, the server is not having a good time with this influx of new people. I think I'll wish @Gargron good luck and be back on Monday.

Weird. I took the Twitter app off of my phone, and when I logged in today my follower count had dropped a bit.

I finally saw Annihilation tonight, and I really hope the grizzly scene was an homage to Prophecy (1979). I’m a little scared to look it up because I will be so disappointed if it isn’t. A lot of the visuals and pacing felt like older sci-fi movies, actually.

What a day. Thank god I have an eight hour drive with this place in my rear view mirror tomorrow.
I’m not sure how drunk I’ll get once we’re home. Probably very.

I have decided that this episode of Ancient Aliens that is somehow about Satan is preferable to that awful remake of The Omen.

We don’t have cable and never will, so when we visit my parents I get to scroll through DirecTV and it’s like an anthropological study. I’m utterly astounded at this sloppy UX and unending shitty content that people pay excessively for. Astounded.

My parents are trying to reset a pin so they can sign into Amazon on their smart tv and I have no whiskey.

I look at all these random followers that don’t seem to be fully bots but do have hashtags in common and I start wondering how much money can still be squeezed out of the paranormal believer crowd, and how many are upper middle class midwesterners.

Just realized that this particular bout of insomnia is probably tied to my only working out once this week. Sigh.

I hadn’t been on Mastodon in a couple of weeks, just had a nice reminder that there’s still a place where one can curate a feed of cats and generally nice people letting other people know that they made an art.

The answer to “why” is that I loved another book by this author and I kept hoping to come across the interesting twist on this sad girl with a ghost story but it never arrived.

Ugh, now I have to pack so I can drive across Texas. At least we’ll have more Murderbot Diaries audiobooks!

I’ve been wondering this whole time why I’m reading this book. There’s a ghost and a very sad lady who reaaaaaly hates herself, but it’s less supernatural horror and more people are fucking awful horror, which I’m not all that into.

This novel I’m reading just made me so fucking angry, I’m like 90% through but suddenly not sure I care how it ends. This book is described as a thriller but it’s really just misery porn.

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