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Grabbing some pad thai next to the dollar store I need to run by is sounding like a better and better idea.

This office has ground to a full stop now that no one at all can manage to print anything.

We use a really crappy third party IT service.
The person who usually arranges all the IT stuff is on vacation.
We're getting some training on using the new printers in a week.

This is amazing.

Sweet, the terrifying letter we sent to former landlord accusing them of violating Texas law in regards to tenant rights in their given reason for not returning to us our whole deposit worked.

I bought one of those eraseable Rocketbook notebooks, and it's a little surprising how much I like it. It actually shuts down my weird anxieties around using physical notebooks, I can't feel bad about wasting space, etc if I'm scanning/uploading everything to the cloud immediately.

I'm actually planning to start doing morning journals again because of this thing. It's very silly.

Looking at this lineup of classes I'm putting together this summer for self-study, just bouncing back and forth between writing and learning to code. I should probably throw some design fundamentals in there somewhere.

I can't believe I just bought the Cosplay Humble Bundle *and* the Web Design/development bundle.

Guess I'm somehow going to dig out enough time for some Halloween projects this summer.

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Ohh, I totally missed this bundle! There's now a Web design & development ebook bundle out on Humble Bundle, from O'Reilly

You could buy it via my affiliate link, and even choose how much of the money goes up me, and how much good to charity etc.!

#humblebundle #ad #sellout #webdev #design

Remember that a boost is just as helpful as a buy! 💞

Just went on a "clean up Todoist" spree, after not touching it since early April. I have a lot going on this summer and I really need to use the tools I have to manage things.

Too busy over the weekend to fix my site, and this whole week and next weekend is a bit swamped too. I'm going to have to start getting up at 5am again.

I think one of my favorite things about Mastodon is the conversations where people are brainstorming how to get the world to break free of Facebook's monopoly.

Today's post-day job agenda:
- Get oil changed
- Buy air filters for the car
- Change air filters myself
- Find the bits of camping gear we need for tomorrow
- Figure out what we're taking for food tomorrow
- Fix the thing I broke on my website last night
- Watch The Expanse

One thing I hadn’t considered was the effect on blog subscribers, and the WordPress Reader feed. Maybe setting up a subdomain for the microblog would be a better way to go, after all.

On another note, whatever gods forsaken invasion of allergens has hit the Austin area is definitely trying to kill me. I’ve been on the edge of clawing my eyes out for about an hour now.

But I admit that the idea of having all of my content, even social media posts, originating from a domain I own and control, no need to worry about losing archives of my content if a service goes down, is a pretty big deal.

Breaking then rebuilding my main website to set up a convoluted micro-blogging system may be the most elaborate thing I’ve done instead of writing in a long while.
Had every intention of blogging some long posts tonight. Sigh.

This is weird, there seriously is no existing, currently supported, WordPress plug-in that adds a character counter to the visual editor. I guess it’s going on my list of diy projects this summer.

Huh. Support for the few character count WP plug-ins I’ve found peters out in 2015. You’d think that would mean the feature I want came into existence around then, but I certainly can’t find any documentation or a blog post or anything indicating that ...

After all that, I discover that the WordPress editor doesn’t have a character counter. I am genuinely surprised.
Back to plug-in land I go.

Mastodon, any recommendations on Wordpress plugins to automate posting from my blog, or should I just use IFTT?

Here’s a picture I took while we were in Rome. That’s a column in the ruins of the convent of vestal virgins who lived at the foot of the emperor’s palace.