Is there any fiction out there about the ghosts of disabled people where the ghost keeps the disability? Beyond peg legged pirates or one-eyed scoundrel sort of stereotypes.

Blood Fest is the best horror movie I’ve seen this year. So funny, so gratuitous, so full of terrible things happening to characters you can’t help getting attached to.

Greetings, mysterious medical thing which I was previously ignoring and am now seeing a doctor for. Soon the oracles shall reveal the secrets hidden in my offering of blood, and remedy against you will be known.

Now the ad algorithm is showing me Christian propaganda movies. Jesus, Twitter, just give everyone a demographic survey and give up on this shitty algorithm of yours.

The more advertisers I block, the weirder the ads get. I just saw something called “free drug world” that said something about educators and 11 year olds. It was unclear what their product was.

One thing I hate about Twitter is how it’s often a slushy celebrity gossip tabloid run by a hive mind that gleefully despises the humanity of people with varying levels of fame, and flips out when those people don’t follow the script for their public personas.

Tonight spouse and I watched Haxan, a bizarre silent film from 1922 that’s like a bad History Channel doc about witches but with *really good* re-enactments, and the quivering tongue of The Devil is a main character.

I feel like every time the internet tells me to hate someone, especially if the accusation is about being anti-trans, basic decency obligates me to fact check the hell out of the claim and draw my own conclusions. Sometimes the mob wrong, or a Russian psy-op.

Look, Twitter, I know you get paid either way, but people are paying you to advertise their meat and sports ball products to a vegetarian who doesn’t even watch the Super Bowl commercials any more.

My new game is blocking Twitter advertisers.

Report: that new mango dragon fruit thing at Starbucks is terrible.

I have been to the doctor for the weird thing I’ve been ignoring. They took a lot of blood, taped me up with electrodes, and told me to come back next week.
The game of elimination has begun.

Y'all, Ted Cruz not being born in the US isn't a valid criticism, and insults all the other people were weren't born here but are citizens. Besides, there are *so many* other things to pick at Ted Cruz on.

I mean, how many people did he kill in the 60s and 70s?

I think I'm about to break down and spend $40 to replace my Alphasmart, I'm never going to get around to soldering the wires that were messed up by a leaky old battery.

Was up WAY too late thinking about current WIP, had a major epiphany about first acts and what I’ve been doing wrong with pretty much every piece of fiction I’ve ever tried to write. I feel like my brain is exploded and my life just changed forever.

To be clear, this is like at the third stanza of that "First they came for..." poem.
This is bad. This is racism. This is in fact the federal government coming for citizens of the United States.

In other news, after chopping up raw jalapenos wait *at least* three days before scratching one's noes.

I just prepped and threw a bunch of stuff in the slow cooker to make chili, which included dicing up two jalapenos, and now the skin is burning between my thumb and forefinger and it is unpleasant.

I have found so many things to do today that aren't writing.

Welp, I finally made the doctor's appointment for the scary thing I was kind of ignoring...

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