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Great article on the bizarre history of diet drinks that puts the Soylent trend in a strange light. (has trigger warning about eating disorders)

Incredible story of how some rando managed to scam Ohio out of millions and millions of dollars to run the first and probably worst online charter school in the country. Guest starring Betsy DeVos and John Kasich.

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I just stepped outside, and I retract my previous skepticism about the winter storm. It’s pouring and the temperature is plummeting. Looks like I get a day off tomorrow.

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Someone please remake (any) Castlevania but with Skeletor as Death.

Thanks in advance

Currently sprawled across still-made bed, listening to the southern edge of the super terrifying winter storm raining down on Austin, and waiting for painkillers to shut down this toothache nonsense so I can go to bed.

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Have concluded in a very short time that I love . Lots of features I’ve been wishing for I’m Amaroq, most especially a robust list tool.

Is having media upload issues or is my WiFi just crapping out?

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I’ve been off Twitter for a week. Seeing chatter of a breaking point for people who came over today. Aside from following @ChrisWarcraft , what happened?

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