@celesteh her fault. Always check the oven. It's in the rule book.

RT @benostrowsky@twitter.com: Quoting someone anonymous:

I swear all the movies with a "Must rescue the President!" storyline have been ruined for me. I just feel like it's unrealistic now.

*everyone exchanges glances*
"Ahhh...well, that's unfortunate."
*goes back to typing*

@Gargron are the 90 day and 12 month IP address log retention times mentioned in the policy baked into the Docker install? In other words, is log deletion handled automagically at those intervals?

Is there any documentation on where the logs are located, and how admins can adjust the log retention times? I'd like to shorten mine to 30 days, and also be able to confirm that logs are being deleted.

So I have to come up with $600 by the end of the month and about $400 the week after that, and I could use your help. Please contribute or boost. ❤️


@Arioch1530 I've got a crab stuffed, bacon wrapped shrimp recipe I dust off once a year or so, done in the oven so it's not quite as artery clogging as some versions. I get my local meat counter dude to slice back bacon really thin for it. Heaven.

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@Gargron look on the bright side, you weren't getting much sleep anyway.

This software to calculate the cogs you need to simulate a given repeating movement is amazing: youtu.be/DfznnKUwywQ

How are people finding people they want to follow on Mastodon?

Searches, people sharing their profile link on other networks, skim reading the local or global timeline?

What gets you the interesting feeds?

@KameronHurley "I was reading a dictionary, I thought it was a poem about everything" - Steve Wright

@Gargron actually joined in the April influx, but wasn't active till last month when I decided to start my own instance and scale back on use of all other social media. Finally just had enough of corporate surveillance.

My position on content warnings ever since we added them:

Use them however you like yourself. Never tell anyone else what they should and shouldn't CW; if you don't like how they use/don't use them, unfollow/mute.

TIL about MaaStodon: "Mastodon instance hosting for everyone, from 3€/month" maastodon.net/

Very cool!

@Gargron it'd be useful to have some tools built in for managing that.

A really underappreciated group of are the translators who devote time, effort to the tedious task of keeping projects translations updated 👏 🎉
I sent announcements on transifex teams right before NYE, and boom, a dozen languages have been updated 😱


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