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So I keep seeing people hating on Bezos for his $200B net worth. I feel like most people have the impression that he has this money just chillin in a bank account somewhere.

If anyone is interested in playing with the stock market and doesn't have Robinhood... join and get us both a free stock. join.robinhood.com/jacobb11936

Okay, I have what I hope is a simple legal question... say I want company A as a parent company to companies B and C. I figure I have 1 of 2 options. (1) Register B & C as DBAs, and (2) register B & C as companies. In this case, A & B (if opt 2) would be single member LLCs. C would likely have multiple members/owners. If 2, how do I signify B &C as subsidies? Do I need to do BOTH options?

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It's weird that this instance hasn't had any additional users yet. Every other one of mine had new users pretty quickly even though other things were broken. I do this one right, and nobody signs up. 😂

Well, I just filed for an LLC. I'm kind of excited. I have zero need for it, but I can say I'm a business owner. 😂 Plus, it'll come in handy if I ever do monetize things and don't want it under my name (though, I am naming the LLC after me).

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Yeah... if you want us libertarians to join you in your fight, maybe you should stop advocating for more power and influence being given to the same government you're fighting? Especially when you want that increased power to attack us libertarians.

It's funny how popular Mastodon is with commie trash. You'd think they'd be afraid of anything remotely decentralized. I know there's ancons, but there can't be more than a couple of dozen of them.

Seeing as people are still all cool with hitting fascists, I'd like to point out that they have just as much of a protected right to their speech as anyone else in America. They're demonstrably wrong, but they still have a protected right to speech.

Shame them; don't hit them. 🤷‍♂️

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Getting IP addresses off blacklists is awfully annoying. Using mxtoolbox.com, I'm down to 3 blacklists from their database of lists. One should drop off tomorrow (UCEPROTECT-Level 1), and I'll try to whitelist the IP to take care of the second (UCEPROTECT-Level 2), and I have a ticket out for the 3rd (SORBS).

See, annoying.

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I can't wait for my new mask to arrive. I figured if I'm going to have to give into the government mandate then I'd make a (pretty bold) statement. My "Live Free or Die" mask should be here tomorrow, I hope.

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So the WaPo is trying to pin a rise in violent crimes on the spike in gun sales. Perhaps that correlation is not causation? Could it possibly be that both are caused by the current rift on society instead?

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Well, now I'm following myself all over the fediverse. That's nifty.

I want to run another instance of Mastodon, but then again I really really don't. It's more hassle than it's worth, I think.

I love how WOKE AF the Left becomes when a Republican is in power. Morons, your tyrants are just as bad and love war just as much.

Okay. this shit is why I need to keep working on not overthinking. It'd help if people were more transparent, but I know I'm not owed anything. Still, it'd be nice. 🤨

I feel weird asking my long time friend out on a date. I mean, she said yes, but it's not a normal situation. I think I know how to act/feel when I'm pursuing someone new but not when there's an existing, platonic relationship. Plus, it's not like I'm swooning... it just seems like something we should do, finally.

I'm probably thinking way too much about it, but that's not gonna change until a date actually happens. It's been a loooooong time coming, but maybe now it's actually a good idea.

I think that I need to go back to school and focus on some design work. I think I'm progressing, but I'd like to be more professional in mindset and presentation... if that makes any sense. 🤷‍♂️

I feel like I have nothing to contribute to the fediverse because I don't fit the mold. 🤔

So, is peaceful, eh? Can someone point out another religion that has pushed through capital punishment laws for consensual acts? In the 21st century, let alone 2019. I'll wait...

If the most passionate homophobes are closet gays then what does that say about those who are adamant about delegitimizing Trump's presidency? 🤔

The point being if you hate Trump that much that you seek to tear him down every chance you get, could that just be that you are projecting because you hate yourself for actually liking his presidency thus far, and you don't know how to cope?

Food for thought.

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