Do you believe that if someone doesn't date trans people that they're transphobic? If so, why? I'm genuinely curious.

@cheesesoda Honestly, no. I think that's stupid.

One doesn't have to defend their dating choices. It's a personal thing.

Now, if your response would be "Dating you? No, I would touch you with a 10-foot-pole, you trans bastard!" - Then yes, I would file that under transphobic.

@Glatorius I agree. Though, I've seen Twitter threads and YouTube videos stating that it is which just seems ridiculous to me. There's a clear difference between hating someone because of who they are/identify as when it's benign and having a dating preference.

@cheesesoda Yeah, I know some people's opinions on that can be very strong. In this case I find the notion ridiculous.

Also sorry to have raised that dead post. XD It was just your third last or so and I didn't watch the posting date.

@Glatorius Haha, you're fine. I mostly use this account to get better visibility than on the main instance I use... I think that instance tends to be blocked. 🤷‍♂️

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