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Anyone complaining about a smaller tax refund is missing/ignoring reality because they're either ignorant and/or want an excuse to be outraged because Trump exists.

The reason why there are smaller refunds is because people are paying less in taxes through the year instead of it being refunded. The tax cut is real. It's nobody's fault except the financially illiterate that didn't notice they're keeping more money throughout the year.

I'm tired of idiots making me defend Trump and the GOP.

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My commentary on this may be a little late, but I love Howard Schultz right now. The fact that he's rustling so many establishment jimmies right now is awesome.

If he does run for President, I'll probably contribute to his campaign. I still won't vote for him, but an offended Democrat is an entertaining Democrat.

That explains a lot... I was so spacy yesterday, and I couldn't figure out why even though I got a decent amount of sleep. That is until I grabbed my coffee mug to clean it this morning, and it was 3/4 full. I drank just enough to avoid a caffeine headache, though.

Adding the Google Product Sans font to my phone changes the feel of the phone a lot more than you think it would. It just goes to show you how important fonts are.

Do you believe that if someone doesn't date trans people that they're transphobic? If so, why? I'm genuinely curious.

I have a feeling that even though you can create a webpage in Bootstrap without having to change anything, it's still probably good to have an idea what you're doing in JS. Bleh.

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Carey's approach applies to more than just cops. Absolutely, be a dissident towards the state and don't become desensitized to the injustices, but when you dehumanize your opposition then you will fail.

THIS is why libertarians will never band together or convince the masses, and it's why the left and right will continue to further the divide between each other.

Yes, there are bad apples. Loud ones, too. However, the majority of us are sincere.

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Breaking someone's heart is not exactly something I wanted to do, but both parties are at fault. I should have had the stones to stop things from trying to progress when I knew this is where things would end up.

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In a move that could impact @GovGaryJohnson's lawsuit and campaign, the 6th Circuit has reinstated Michiga...

Usually, I struggle to come up with 500 characters for a status... my rant about my morning (on Fb) is nearly 1500... 🙃🤦‍♂️

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Next time you feel compelled to post "lol late capitalism!" think about what "late socialism" might look like.

Puppies are stupid.

Mack: *Bo left his bone, I'm going to chew on that one*
Bo: *oh, Mack's bone! I guess it's mine now.*

So does Chrome no longer hide the address bar on the Android app? That's interesting. Not sure if I like that. I always appreciated the extra real estate for browsing.

So I can see that has a few perks over , but what are the deficiencies of Pleroma, and what does Mastodon do better in the back-end, if anything?

Yeah... I'm going to get a shard of glass stuck in my finger if I don't get this screen replaced soon.

If I do create an instance ( or ), I will have to decide what domain to use. 🙃

I think it's time to send my phone to Samsung for repairs. The screen is still very much usable, but it's kinda sad looking. Sending it to them is still $100 cheaper than other local options, and I have a few phones I can switch to in the meantime.

Well, shit. I think I'm going to set up an instance with then. Seems like it's an obvious choice considering how stripped-down it is and not lacking in compatibility.

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