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i drew my ratsona on my phone her name is yoshie and she likes to say the fuck word

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for every boost filibert will get 1 smooch on the head

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petition for sensitive content to be hidden with sfw sasuke

honestly it was next to impossible to make friends on Tinmblr but here I make a toot about wearing my spine like a boa scarf and I've suddenly acquired five new ones

logged in and thought everyone was confessing to me but yall just learned how to @ everyone

why would u engage a political conversation here.. why would u do that... between all the coochie juice and the broken bones...

to my tootuals n everyone that just breathes
j'ai perdu le jeu!!! 💕💓

in french to say "i appreciate you lots", we say "j'ai perdu le jeu"

oh i think i finally know what coochie means

if you don't have a fursona yet your account will be terminated

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