This Drum piece is something else entirely..

The collective we is 9 Billion people on this planet. Try organizing that many people.

I had to make a very simple butterfly using paint on one wing to make dots, and folding it over the other wing to transfer the paint. I decided that my butterfly did not look real enough so I smeared the paint into a Jackson Pollock butterfly. The teacher gave me an F.
What is your most on brand story from your childhood?

Like Trump, Steve Scharf can just pull numbers out from anywhere and excite his base with his meaningless pablum. It's basically up to the state of California to regulate his lies.

This is going to annoy so many people.
okay so here's the tweet storm version of my new piece

People talk about electability as if it's the ability to win or keep Obama-to-Trump voters

But really demographic electability is the ability to project diff images to diff groups simultaneously

RT Fixed it.

Devastated by the death of the Wacky Uncle of the Monkees, Peter Tork.

I'm appreciating the lazy, low-effort shitposting that Fox is leveraging on Bernie Sanders. They aren't offended by the Medicare for All, the free education, the climate change argument..
And Grover weighs in!

This article is indeed very good, but I struggle with identifying market segments. Perhaps it's just that I live in a crazy market, but it seems that even poor housing stock gets pushed into the high income submarkets here

"I was going to slam you for your YIMBY views.. ".

Brah.. why?

Condos are a really important part of building families in Berkeley.

Inhibiting the production makes rent less affordable as people tend to stay in place until a condo can be purchased.
I’m about 2 months into serving as a Councilmember. It has been both humbling & rewarding to begin to tackle the big challenges we face, particularly around housing & homelessness. One housing is…

NEW VIDEO: Car caught on cam driving on sidewalk in front of school, narrowly missing children being dropped off. Some now demanding that police track this driver down. More on

Looking forward to the and housing town hall this Saturday with and I’ll be there with my parents, who will be visiting from LA.

Like 3 people have married the next person they started dating after me, is this what being a final boss feels like

I love it when a so-called "Affordable Housing Activist" who's dedicated their life to opposing housing w/ fake anti-Capitalist covering to woo unassuming supply-skeptical equity orgs, gets outed as a landlord who has on record, no-cause evicted Section-8 tenants from their homes

People that whine about Prop 47 constantly on the internet.. has it ever occurred to you that the reason your glass is broken is because someone can find something of value in your car?

"Crazy Bernie" reminds me of one of my favorite local TV spots of all time.

Crazy Gideon:

Me: I wish they had a subgroup on reddit for want kids, love kids, but understand the harmful implications of having a baby in this day and age so basically r/Childfree without the ultimatum.

Reddit: r/Fencesitter

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