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Harry Anderson! We had one of his magic specials on VHS that I watched all the time, and I spent many a childhood night watching, enjoying and probably not getting half the jokes on Night Court. RIP :(

There better be a shit-ton of May flowers in NYC this year.

And of course the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that a Pack n' Play is easy to put away

How many members of congress would pass the Voight Kampff test, do you think?

New theory: HGTV deliberately chooses infuriating couples to force people to hate-watch.

Watching the A-Team on El Rey, and came up with this fun exercise. If they had made a feature film version some time between '95-'99, who would you've cast?

Hannibal: I am torn. Harrison Ford or Sam Neill
Murdock: Jim Carrey
Face: Val Kilmer (the lady says Brad Pitt or blonde Johnny Depp)
BA: Ving Rhames

ThinkGeek has outdone itself again, but if any of them are going to become real retail item, my moneys on this one:

My lovely fiancée, who is generally versed in comic things, just asked me, “Who is it in the Fantastic Four who says ‘It’s poundin’ time!’?” and I can’t stop giggling.

So with my tax return I could pay off some debt OR I _could_ afford a Silent Scope cabinet, or two linked Rush the Rock machines. I mean, those are all probably equally responsible choices.

Anyone who doubts if a "kick" à la Inception really works is welcome to try laying my son into his crib without waking him up.

Once you start thinking of Nolan's trilogy as an adaptation of a hypothetical Elseworlds, "The Dark Knight Rises" is a much more satisfying third chapter.

and I just realized it's Pi Day. How fitting

This Irish bar is playing the god.damn. Bodeans. ❤️😮

Normally the Bing wallpaper images are beautiful landscapes or delightful animals, but today it's fittingly stressing me the F out.

And a happy belated Casimir Pulaski Day to everyone who knows what Casimir Pulaski Day is

Not sure how i feel about the only puppet visiting from Sesame Street from China is the one who does martial arts 🤔

oh MAN. I think this might finally fill that Front Mission-shaped hole in my heart.

What a world we live in, when “that guy who was the Human Torch who’s now in the MCU” is no longer a specific enough description