Yeesh, Day 16! Using Day 15's theme 😂

Sigh, i don't love this but here's a moment from Dark Knight Returns for Day 14: Weak

Aaaaand apparently I have no idea what day it is. Quick Dali homage/rip-off for Day 14: Clock Perhaps Sharpie wasn't the best medium...

Day 13 doing Day 12's topic because it was one I was actually looking forward to 😀 here's my narwhal for the Whale

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Already a little repetition 😏 still i thought there would be enough Gollums today. "Precious" for

Why would you make the splat mat pattern so busy that it's impossible to see if there's food on it?

aw no, it didn't post the first time. Anyway, I missed a day, so this is an twofer. Exhausted and drooling

I've never been halfway decent with anything but a pencil. Still jumping into on Day 5 with a chicken (skull)

There is a VR Space Channel 5? There is a VR Space Channel 5!

Just got ransomware email spam with the subject line "Your life is in your hands". Which honestly, sounds more like a fortune cookie than anything ominous.

also there's another LoEG series?! Why was I not told?!!

What is this lizard primordial part of my brain that always chooses khakis on rainy days?

Slight spoilers
If Diana knows about the mother box on Themiscyra, and the story behind it, why is she intrigued by Aquaman? She should know about Atlantis then, right?

I'm a little pleasantly shocked at how many people - our rather, how many _ other_ people - want Armored Core on the PS Classic. I'll add that if so, I'm torn between the original and Master of Arena

Well well well, ignore my previous complaint. Why doesn't monospace fall back to Courier by default? Here I am starting on a Roll20 template using Cloud9 IDE. On my Lumia 950.

2018: Another year when Andre Braugher was robbed of an Emmy for Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Apple Sidra is the nectar of the gods.

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