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DC board books, going for the deep cut

Light khaki pants were absolutely the perfect choice for a slushy commute slog.

The new IM/text convo style make Facebook comments so much unnecessarily busier than before.

🙏 Hallelujah, Adobe XD added the ability to flip between a text box and a line of text, ala Illustrator

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Addendum to my list of UX complaints for 2018: Mint needs better integration between Goals / Transactions / Budgets.

Right now, there's no obvious ways to link the payments to a loan to the goal of paying off that loan.

I need a supercut of couples on House Hunters saying "We have a tough decision to make."

The Apple Pencil is never going on sale, is it?

Belated happy new year y'all!

Seeing Winona Ryder and Sean Astin in the same scene is breaking my 80s-child brain

Last of 2017…How about UX problems you hope to see fixed in 2018?

5. Pages with fixed headers that don't take the header height into account when you page down as opposed to scroll

4. Fandango not letting you input a movie title AND your location right at the beginning of your search

3. Every Photoshop keyboard shortcut

2. Picking a shoe size and color from Amazon

1. The insane metal mouthpiece for dental x-rays.

Happy new year!

Come hell or high water, someday I will make "BEnder" and "FEnder" a thing for back-end and front-end devs.

Why isn't there a Predator game where one person plays the Predator in multiplayer?

The only way "Giraffe's Can't Dance" makes sense to me, is if Gerald is the last of his species.

It's Friday, so that means a , and since I'm listening to a playlist of 'em, what are your Top Five James Bond theme songs?

1. You Know My Name (Casino Royale)
2. Skyfall (Skyfall)
3. For Your Eyes Only (For Your Eyes Only)
4. Nobody Does it Better (The Spy Who Loved Me)
5. Thunderball (Thunderball)

FINALLY saw Arrival, and I'm so happy I did. It was a moving and novel story and very beautifully done. Although it did make me realize that three of the most notable sci-fi films with female leads, intertwine maternity/parenthood into their themes. Aliens: Ripley and Newt; Gravity: Dr. Stone and her daughter; Arrival: Dr. Banks and her daughter. Honorable Mention for Contact: Dr. Arroway and her relationship to her father.

I missed the last few Friday Fives, but here's one for today.

With Last Jedi coming up, what are your top five Star Wars movies?

1. Empire Strikes Back
2. Star Wars (it will never be A New hope to me 😀 )
3. Force Awakens
4. Return of the Jedi
5. Rogue One

Quick Wonder Woman + Wonder Man amalgam from last night. Sketching used to be easier :/