I mean, I understand this is all physics, and people have speculated on this long before it went into action. But this still amazes me and boggles my mind:

Because I wanted to mock the petition to cancel the Good Omens tv show, I looked up when the book was originally published, and I quickly went from glee to feeling old.

If I were rich I would 100% have a working toddler toilet installed in every room of the house.

Mitch McConnell is Senator Kelly when he starts turning into goop in the first X-men movie.

If you say the names of Kimye's first three children aloud, it sounds like the name of a hospital.

I thought I knew what the intent of the song is, but upon further listening, the narrator of "Two Princes" never actually says that the actual prince does anything bad. Just that he a) loves the princess equally and b) is rich. Nor does the singer imply that the princess truly love one or the other. Which makes the whole spiel a little suspect.

TFW Whole Foods has samples out and you just remembered you're supposed to be intermittent fasting.

A few thoughts on seeing the Star Trek: TNG pilot for the first time:

- I never realized Q was a part of the show from jump
- Deanna Troi's skant is ridiculous
- The theme being played over the saucer separation is hilarious. It's like they were trying to create a Voltron combining moment.

By changing their name to two letters, Weight Watchers has made their name twice the number of syllables. I can't help but find that ridiculous.

Every time Alfre Woodard's character introduces herself in Star Trek: First Contact, all I can think of is "Lily, Lily…LEGS, Lilly"

Apparently Rob Liefeld is debuting a new Marvel character, Major X, soon. Now, I know he gets a LOT of flack for being derivative and uninspired in the past for his character design, and I'm not going to argue that. But I'm really excited to pick this up and see Liefeld prove his detractors wrong.

I really want to like Ocean's 8 more than I did, but I do smile every time I see DotCom.

Nothing helps you detach from material things as much as a destructive toddler.

I continue to be mystified by dropdown forms that include the current year. How many newborns are visiting sites that need to confirm your birthdate? (The actual baby advice sites are exempt from this criticism)

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