Apparently Rob Liefeld is debuting a new Marvel character, Major X, soon. Now, I know he gets a LOT of flack for being derivative and uninspired in the past for his character design, and I'm not going to argue that. But I'm really excited to pick this up and see Liefeld prove his detractors wrong.

I really want to like Ocean's 8 more than I did, but I do smile every time I see DotCom.

Nothing helps you detach from material things as much as a destructive toddler.

I continue to be mystified by dropdown forms that include the current year. How many newborns are visiting sites that need to confirm your birthdate? (The actual baby advice sites are exempt from this criticism)

Wikipedia says turn by turn navigation was invented in 1988 at the MIT Media Library. After 30 yrs I'm a little disappointed that devices still rhyme "Ave." with "knave"

Oh no…I just found out that there's a B-Wing LEGO set

Also people who reach over sneeze guards need to get the F out of this country.

If you don't allow copy/paste into your password field, you are a monster.

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Anyone know any good contract front-end web developers that like to crank out solid, responsive CSS/HTML from comps & assets?

Every time Trump says, "They say..." I assume he's just referring to Eric and Don Jr.

Every time Trump says, "They say..." I assume he's just referring to Eric and Don Jr.

I just realized that Steve Carrell playing Rumsfeld in "Vice" fulfills the "Anchorman" coda that says Brick Tamland becomes an advisor in the Bush administration. Well played,

Wait did When Harry Met Sally coin the terms "low-maintenance" and "high-maintenance"?

I'm only just now finding out that Will Arnett was on Sesame Street as a magician, complete with Final Countdown-esque riff

To the woman who told me I was walking too fast for my toddler to keep up, feel free to keep your concern to yourself. My hand is the only thing keeping him from making the jump to lightspeed.

Revisiting the original Evangelion and accidentally had the DVD set as dubbed instead of subtitled. For everyone who found Shinji's voice super annoying, I now completely understand.

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