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When you get in the car to go to work and Pandora picks a blues song

I feel it.
The awesomeness.
It's welling up from the depths.
I have defeated the brain weasels!

Last night's fire was lovely, but this morning is so cold and now I don't wanna get out of bed

Been laying here for over an hour trying to muster up the gumption for a shower

Fighting off the brain weasels with the power of music and dance

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My take: If you go shopping, you're kind of a bad person. And kind of a consumerist slave desperately chasing them NERPs. But mostly a bad person.

No one should have do deal with throngs of rude, angry customers so that the board of directors can jerk each other off about sales figures.

Don't be a bad person, ok?

My wife is introducing me to the finer points sandwich making. Tonight we did hot ham'n'cheese with horseradish honey mustard. Next up: The Grinder, with roast beef and Muenster

I didn't grow up in a sandwich-eating household. Imagine my surprise at having four kinds of mustard in my refrigerator today.

I don't like things floating in my drink. This includes:
-anything I have to chew

Situational exceptions:
-whipped cream
-ice cream

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I'm not saying chocolate cures headaches. I'm saying MY headache is gone, and so is a half pound of bridge mix 🀘😎🀘

Woke up with a headache like a ad hangover. Only there was no drinking last night. Doesn't seem fair.

Stopped at the store for an afternoon snack, ya know: cookies, donuts, something to keep me going.

I bought a banana.

That moment when you find another of your favorite people on here!

When you're as indecisive as I am, you end up with turkey, ham, AND roast beef on your sandwich. Which means cheddar, Muenster, AND Swiss cheeses. Mayo, Dijon AND horseradish. Fresh cracked black pepper, fresh ground Hawaiian black salt, AND red wine vinegar.

Who am I kidding? I just wanted to brag about my sandwich 😁

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