Went for a lovely ride today. Weather was perfect!

Been looking at Diaspora today. Anyone have any opinions or suggestions? I just heard about it...

Has anyone figured out a way to show more than one instance of Mastodon without having a tab open for each one? Looking for PC solutions. I use Amaroq for iOS.

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If you like comics and don't like trump, check out Lil' Donnie by Mike Norton. Can preorder now or check out the interwebz. Read an ARC a couple days ago and it made me happy. reviews.c-spot.net/archives/63

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Someone who shall remain un-@-ed was feeling old because they’ve had internet friends for ten years now. Lemme tell you, kid, my email address is old enough to purchase alcoholic beverages.

Even though the day apparently belongs to cats, I want to share a pic of my because they make me happy.

Just finishing up Jar of Hearts. Definitely happy with the twists.

I really like Rob Dircks writing style and voice. I haven't listened to (or read) his latest short but I'm sure it's good. Will check it off my list later today. listentothesignal.com/dako-wri

Good deal for D&D players:. I ended up picking up both the PDF version and the Fantasy Grounds mods.

Question for the Mastodon savvy folks: I've set my preference to only see English language posts in public timelines but that's not happening. What am I missing?

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Are you new to Mastodon? 

Have you seen the awesome Content Warning feature?? :blobaww:

If you're posting about sensitive topics, consider putting them behind a content warning. This puts your post body behind a "Show More" button. Some common CWs, off the top of my head:

• uspol (US Politics)
• mh (mental health)
• +, - (indicating a positive or negative take, often used with mh)

Allowing people to read certain topics at their own pace (or not at all) is one of Mastodon's greatest features.

Listening to the audio book of Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier. Enjoying the story and the narrator, January LaVoy.

Question for those seasoned mastodon users: are there any apps (PC preferably) that allow for instance switching easily? I use Amaroq on my phone but would like to be able to quickly switch on the PC without having several tabs open.

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