@Deepsealioness i have been seeing many in Coimbatore with such saffron thread tied to wrists. Even a police man . What are these.

When the richest people in your country buy tweets like 2 bit frauds, it shows how pathetic your country and those richest people really are. Disgusting. Stuff your election to Met board.

Having flashed lineageOS with and without the Google apps it makes you realise how dominant Google is and how much of a problem it is for Huawei not having access to the Google Mobile services

@Tusky One more suggestion, if you can add search as one of the tabs, it will be quite useful

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A multi-national Company / or / it's Officers get greedy ....

Farmers / dealers in Maharashtra bear the brunt.

Smashing story by The Morning Context.

And, it's free to read.

And yours truly is also features :

I would urge all of YOU to read it


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@NairFYI 😄 yup a lot of temples in the past were turned to hindu temples when the kings converted or were killed..
I wonder how much would these ppl be nice to jains if we start fighting about each temple that we lost to Hindus ...
I am glad the community is disinterested in claiming it all back ..

Jainism, your Advani is right here 👇 ...
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@_NairFYI Tirupati was a Jain shrine dedicated to thirthankar neminatha bhagwan..
Where are the Jain's when we need them

The existing users on Mastodon are also looking for Indians to follow. So the more you write about yourself when you tag me, the more chances of you getting connected to people with similar interests. Only boosting your handle unless it is for purely your Twitter followers wont help. Give a bio, tag me, let’s connect beyond


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