So this is how an adult birthday feels like, I guess.

Last tweet got an unnatural amount of reactions wtf.

First two words of Alice in Wonderland soundtrack: "Tripping out"

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And this bus has two fucking disco lights and ultra bright LEDs everywhere. And a musical show playing out loud in the screen. This is not the technological advancement I asked for.

Why would a girl really hang on to a guy who can't even afford a tipi-tip for her?

I hope none of my successors will choose my path. Nobody deserves this.

Working like the garage boy I am since morning. Exhausted is an understatement.

Only thing that keeps me from fabricating the locket is the raw material supply and, well, time. That's two things I know.

Right hand thumbnail got caught to a car door.
Supervisor who closed the door didn't even look at the finger. Man who applied surgical spirit was talking with another guy while rubbing the wound. While I was eating my lunch with just four fingers, only thing the co-workers did was cracking jokes about it.
Thank you Stafford Motors.

I hope this ends soon, one way or another.

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