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I deeeeeeeeply regret not getting into Janelle Monaé before now

6 ways to make Cthulhu emoticons


Methinks you should say it were some enchantment, 'deceptio visus', or so, ha!

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Back to tonight! Super excited. Hopefully get out of work in time to run home and grab the newly acquired waster

when someone sees ur art and goes "oh is that a hippogryph"

30+ Classic Pin-Up Illustration by George Petty..

It's weird being back at work without being handed anything on fire

First day back at work. I get to wear mourning blacks again already.

@Tusky How come content warning's don't hide attachments/images?

@halcy you can live in modern Scotland and there are modern Scottish ruins because Scottish buildings are only built to last a generation.

They are worth a great deal more than all the empires and conquests of history.

Apparently some of the math professors are now repeating the the story about how I got dragged out of class by the campus police for concealed carrying of a ukulele.

Is it wrong that I like the attention?