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im luca and i moved from @sdr2wiki!! i post about:
🐝 danganronpa
🐝 deltrarune/undertale
🐝 vocaloid
🐝 art
🐝 animals + paleontology
i kin chiaki nanami and kris dreemurr! my full list and about is on my profile :3

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[stops injecting sans undertale into a patient] ...what do you mean thats now what kinesthesia is? where are you taking my medical license

god im reading a fanfiction and i forgot how good naegi is

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anyway enough about derrick,,
I LOVE TRANS WOMEN AND OTHER TRANS FEMS YALL ARE SO FUCKING STONG!! also trans lesbians are literally the best people on the planet sorry i dont make the rules

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f.............fingers in his his.....ass......

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today is the final fingers in his ass on tumblr

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i went onto pinterest to find art references and saw bakugou tentacle porn. ok.

oh fuck im going feral *kins xerneas and sylveon*

what if i just kinned the dark and fairy type

me frantically searching under my bed for my 3ds charger: pokeymans

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