Hey @_markross@twitter.com. Saw this and thought of you. 😆

Help, I'm in a bath and don't want to get out. 🛀

Boring question: what does your personal email signature look like?

UK friends: have you put on your heating yet this season? ☃️

On a hold queue with my mortgage provider for more than 20 minutes. I absentmindedly pressed power to turn off the screen and save battery and in doing so, hung up on the call.

How's your Friday?

I've gotten no resolution for any of the @fitbit@twitter.com issues I've had lately. The responses were canned, ineffective, and misled.

I've purchased a Garmin and will be leaving the Fitbit ecosystem. If a tracker can't track reliably, then what's the point? 🤷🏻‍♀️

What do *you* want to be when you grow up?

(I still don't know.)

I never liked pineapple upsidedown cake, anyway.

I want politicians who are unafraid to say "we were wrong" and "I don't know" and ask the experts.

I'm looking to escape the Fitbit ecosystem. Any specific recommendations for an activity tracker?

My requirements:
⌚️ small (not 'big sports watch')
📈 heart rate, sleep, steps, GPS (via phone is fine)
📳 vibration alarm
🏃🏻‍♀️ compatible with Android, Strava, Google Fit, Withings

I just got out of bed in the past half hour (Sundays, eh?) and my @fitbit@twitter.com thinks I did 16000 steps.

PSA: If you've encountered calls freezing occasionally on MacOS, this might be your problem. It was mine.
The bug was first logged in March 2018.

StackOverflow post: apple.stackexchange.com/questi
Stats for nerds: obkio.com/blog/macos-wifi-late

TL;DR: disable location services on your MBP.

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