The owl has returned to Meersbrook. It's nighttime calls are the best. 🦉

I really enjoyed the Reel Rock 13 event Sheffield's Climbing Works hosted at Abbeydale Picture house last night.

The audience were clearly familiar with the venue because they all turned up with down jackets, woolly hats, blankets and hot drinks.


Cutlery Works looks fantastic and tastes even better. Tipped off the Gravy Train to Nanaimo bars. Coming soon to Sheffield..?

Coffee and lunch at Cutlery Works. So great to see Edo Sushi here!


Kyushoku: The Making of a Japanese School Lunch

Ever since 1954, kyushoku (school lunch) has been an official part of the Japanese school curriculum.

Today, in things you already knew: Google's ambitious Sidewalk Toronto "smart city" project turns out to be a "surveillance city"

Have started serialising my dissertation on uncomfortable game experiences on my blog. Part 1: What is enjoyment? (Reading time: ~10 mins)


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