Hello Sheffield!
Anyone know of any opportunities for an excellent senior BA with tech and public sector experience?
(+ @SHFDigital@twitter.com)

What's all the racket above Sheffield? Helicopters and planes. A flyover?

Strangely tempted to play @PuzzlePirates@twitter.com again. Any friends played lately? ☠️⚔️🚣‍♀️

+ @wonderLlama@twitter.com @microwavenby@twitter.com

I once saw a mooncup for (re)sale at a charity shop.

I think about that a lot.

The @FirstSouthYorks@twitter.com 20 is one of the least dependable buses I've ever had to rely on. 🤬


Food and family! We welcomed my Aunt Mary and Uncle Bob this weekend for a tour of Sheffield, Bakewell, and Nottingham.

Yesterday's delicious highlights: Bakewell pudding and our first ever trip to Na Pedra. bit.ly/2HF6BMR

Another day of decorating and I'm shattered, but there is progress! The lining paper is mostly up, but painting will wait until after this weekend.

Two day project - pah! 😆

At tonight's : @ErselAker@twitter.com introduces the ELK stack to set up monitoring for your JavaScript applications.

If you and your team say 'I've just deployed; let me know if you see any issues' then you need this!

Some news. I've applied for and got the job of engineering manager. Hooray! 🥳

Meanwhile, I've started by taking a week's holiday for home improvement and it's not gone well. Three days into my two-day plan to paint the front room and I've not yet finished stripping paper. 😅

I'm having summer rolls for dinner.

Meanwhile Caolan is eating a mayonnaise sandwich.

Can any experienced decorators advise? I'm stripping wallpaper and what I'm finding under it isn't looking great: some bare spots of plaster and some gummy bits of presumably latex paint. Once it's all dry, how do I treat this wall before painting it?

Feeling pretty good about my decision not to steam wallpaper in a room where no windows open until the sun goes away. 🌞

Today at the age of 36 I rode a horse! Thanks Anne and Gary, and to my ride Thoresby! 🏇

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