Weekends are for catching up on sleep, except those nights where you can't sleep. 😮‍💨

Brain goes WHIRR.
Body goes bleeeergh.
Stomach goes grumble.
And cats are hunting bugs.

It's a typical 4am.

I got some ACTUAL sleep last night. First time in weeks. \o/

Felt loads better today after a gruesome head cold. I even made it to a class at the gym.

On returning home there was a strange new party in my left sinus. What in the snotty hell? (This best go away overnight.)

Doing more coughing than sneezing these days. 🤧😩

(Still not Covid.)

I've barely slept this weekend and lost my voice (a virus, but not COVID)… 🤧😩

Though I've single-handedly eaten half a watermelon and watched some football, so it's not allllll bad. 🍉⚽

There aren't enough poppyseed bagels in this damn country.

I'm loving the integrated schedule at the Commonwealth games: parasport athletes alongside the usual events. Really entertaining and impressive athletes in all the categories.

Parental visit + work trip + health stuff + head cold = I cannot even.

If you're looking for me, I'll be in bed for the following x days. 😴🤧

Camping in the lounge tonight with @Caolan@twitter.com, the cats, and our @meacouk@twitter.com. Older parents in our primary bedroom with a fan.

No chance of sleeping in the loft tonight! 🥵

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