i'm scared & sad most of the time.
i just want to be a good person, & be kind.
i wish i felt like belonged anywhere really.

i will just keep doing my best.

anyone else get really depressed, cry excessively & change all your passwords finally?

@Galuade was like you forgot about mastodon.

And look I remembered.

What To Do When You Lack a Clue

🧠Ask for outside help
🧠When you get an idea, write it down
🧠Build or improve by revisting older ideas
🧠Consider positive reinforcement for success
🧠Watch what others are doing & consider why
🧠Research & get inspiration from other sources


Helping Others Listen To You

💦Limit distractions
💦Speak confident & clear
💦Watch your body language
💦Listen to people when they speak
💦Be concise, & avoid mindless chatter
💦Also writing it out improves memory retention
💦Be kind & get to know how they comfortably speak


Improve Your Active Listening

🌽Be there for them
🌽Summarize to show you listened
🌽Offer them some encouragement
🌽Ask for clarification about subjects
🌽Open-ended questions (not yes/no)
🌽React & show their feelings are valid
🌽Reflect words to encourage them to continue


Getting to Know New People

🗣️Be alert to non-verbal cues
🗣️Actively listen & learn things shared
🗣️Avoid oversharing & talking over them
🗣️It can help to look at their online content
🗣️When there's quiet air, talk about yourself
🗣️Emphatically repeat & engage what they share


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hey everyone i forgot to post here for a REALLY long time but I'm picking up my wife @chigui from the airport today!!!
and drew this to commemorate us living together 😊💙

Ways To Support Someone Struggling With Depression

💫Ask how you can help
💫Tell them their positive qualities
💫"I'll be there for you" (& be there)
💫There are ways to get through this
💫Affirm that their pain is both valid & real
💫They're not alone, show sympathy/empathy


The story of Destiny 2's initial launch is essentially that the commander of an army is just really adamant that The Moon will accept his friend request, & he goes into a blind rage when he finally realized he'd been blocked.

Health Benefits of Drinking Water

💧Helps relieve constipation
💧Maximizes physical performance
💧Boosts energy levels & brain function
💧Hydrating prevents hangover symptoms
💧Might help with kidney stone buildup
💧Prevents & helps treat headaches
💧Can help your metabolism


Coping With Social Anxiety

🗣️Anticipation is worst than reality
🗣️Write down & monitor your considered anxieties
🗣️Note, even the worst case scenario is manageable
🗣️Pause to analyze when you have an intrusive thought
🗣️Remember others feel the same way & their own struggles


Relaxing Clenched Muscles

🍵Warm bath or sauna
🍵Daily cup of green tea
🍵Get a good night's sleep
🍵Breathing & relaxation exercises
🍵Low-intensity cardio for 10-15 minutes
🍵Monitor your Magnesium & Sodium
🍵Receive a great massage
🍵Drink enough water
🍵Routine stretches


I'm still awake at this hour, so you knOW what that means:


Interviewing Tips (Over the Phone)

🔖Research the company thoroughly
🔖Find a quiet & reliable place for the call
🔖Dress & prepare yourself as if it was in person
🔖Have information you might need in front of you
🔖Be succinct, focused, & courteous
🔖Send a thank you e-mail


coping with self-harm (positivity post) 

Coping With Thoughts of Self-Harm

🌸Try less severe forms of coping
🌸Talk to a trusted friend or counsel
🌸Be alert to what causes the feelings
🌸Scream, work out, find means to release
🌸Work on delaying yourself as long as possible
🌸Remember, recovery takes time & effort


Learning to Trust Again

⚕️Avoid breaking promises & take better care of yourself
⚕️Working on your flaws to helps to accept yourself
⚕️Put down roots to work on staying around
⚕️Forgiving helps your pain to heal
⚕️Trusting others helps you trust
⚕️Learn without being fearful


Mood-Swings Management

☯️Compliment your friends
☯️Schedule healthy amounts of sleep
☯️Keep a journal to track your mood changes
☯️Avoid unprescribed stimulants & depressants
☯️At least 90 minutes of exercise weekly
☯️Eat healthy & drink water often
☯️Make time for self-care


Even Online, Be Good To Yourself

☣️Don't frequent hateful communities
☣️Stop looking at abusers' social media
☣️Avoid people who cut down others over their issues
☣️Kindness will bring you healthier friendships
☣️Spend time in healthier environments
☣️Stay safe & full of joy


Coping With Difficult Family

⛰️Be assertive & direct
⛰️Disengage from hopeless topics
⛰️Their insecurities usually aren't about you
⛰️Be wary of their irrational anger topics/cues
⛰️You aren't required to engage with them
⛰️Your well-being comes FIRST
⛰️Don't try to fix them


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