Health Benefits of Drinking Water

💧Helps relieve constipation
💧Maximizes physical performance
💧Boosts energy levels & brain function
💧Hydrating prevents hangover symptoms
💧Might help with kidney stone buildup
💧Prevents & helps treat headaches
💧Can help your metabolism


Coping With Social Anxiety

🗣️Anticipation is worst than reality
🗣️Write down & monitor your considered anxieties
🗣️Note, even the worst case scenario is manageable
🗣️Pause to analyze when you have an intrusive thought
🗣️Remember others feel the same way & their own struggles


Relaxing Clenched Muscles

🍵Warm bath or sauna
🍵Daily cup of green tea
🍵Get a good night's sleep
🍵Breathing & relaxation exercises
🍵Low-intensity cardio for 10-15 minutes
🍵Monitor your Magnesium & Sodium
🍵Receive a great massage
🍵Drink enough water
🍵Routine stretches


I'm still awake at this hour, so you knOW what that means:


Interviewing Tips (Over the Phone)

🔖Research the company thoroughly
🔖Find a quiet & reliable place for the call
🔖Dress & prepare yourself as if it was in person
🔖Have information you might need in front of you
🔖Be succinct, focused, & courteous
🔖Send a thank you e-mail


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Learning to Trust Again

⚕️Avoid breaking promises & take better care of yourself
⚕️Working on your flaws to helps to accept yourself
⚕️Put down roots to work on staying around
⚕️Forgiving helps your pain to heal
⚕️Trusting others helps you trust
⚕️Learn without being fearful


Mood-Swings Management

☯️Compliment your friends
☯️Schedule healthy amounts of sleep
☯️Keep a journal to track your mood changes
☯️Avoid unprescribed stimulants & depressants
☯️At least 90 minutes of exercise weekly
☯️Eat healthy & drink water often
☯️Make time for self-care


Even Online, Be Good To Yourself

☣️Don't frequent hateful communities
☣️Stop looking at abusers' social media
☣️Avoid people who cut down others over their issues
☣️Kindness will bring you healthier friendships
☣️Spend time in healthier environments
☣️Stay safe & full of joy


Coping With Difficult Family

⛰️Be assertive & direct
⛰️Disengage from hopeless topics
⛰️Their insecurities usually aren't about you
⛰️Be wary of their irrational anger topics/cues
⛰️You aren't required to engage with them
⛰️Your well-being comes FIRST
⛰️Don't try to fix them


Anger Management Tips

🚒Take a timeout
🚒Consider compromises & solutions
🚒Get some exercise and/or relaxation in
🚒Try not to hold grudges if it can be resolved
🚒Use "I" statements, & avoid "you" ones
🚒Calm down before asserting yourself
🚒Collect thoughts before talking


In the fictional world of MHA, thrill rides like Jaws: The Ride & Kongfrontation wouldn't work if people with quirks were allowed. The rides would be wrecked several times a day from people frightened with quirks that can't control it well.
Jaws & Kong just punched into space.

Ways to Get Through Dissociation

🖇️Go through each of your senses
🖇️Remove yourself from any stressors
🖇️Cold water or ice cubes may help you come to
🖇️Count the number of things in a room of a color
🖇️Stimulate your senses in ways that calm
🖇️Ground yourself & stand upright


Signs To Stop Helping Someone

🏷️Situation gets worse due to help
🏷️Person keeps breaking agreements
🏷️Assisting compromises your integrity
🏷️They get lazier in response to your work
🏷️They're not putting in any effort to improve
🏷️Draining your mental health and/or resources


Tips to Handle Quitting a Job

💼Leave on a positive note
💼Ideally have a new job first
💼Send thank-yous to individuals
💼Do an exit interview if requested
💼Keep your resignation letter simple
💼Quit when you have the next day off
💼Tell your boss in person with the letter


Avoid Resenting Others' Success

🛡️Quit magnifying your weakness
🛡️Stop comparing yourself to others
🛡️Define what's needed for your success
🛡️Be aware of what assumptions you make
🛡️Don't put others' accomplishments down
🛡️Be productive instead of being bitter about fairness


Don't Let Little Bad Things Ruin Your Day

📿Don't dwell on invasive thoughts
📿Pause & use relaxation techniques
📿Vent about it with someone you trust
📿Avoid talking about it after venting
📿Focus on the positive parts of your life
📿Limit time on aspects you can't control


Being Kind is Good for Your Health

⭐️Eases your anxiety
⭐️Excellent stress reliever
⭐️Helps you live a longer life
⭐️Improves the health of your heart
⭐️Known to prevent several health problems & illnesses
⭐️Releases serotonin & endorphins that make you feel good


Staying Hopeful in Hard Times

✨Be kind to others & yourself
✨Contact people who uplift you
✨Take time to give someone else assistance
✨Limit or avoid media that brings you down
✨Be thankful for what & who you have in life
✨Appreciate the beauty in the world around you


Motivate Yourself To Work

💼Set up limited positive reinforcements
💼Use a calendar and/or schedule, check it daily
💼Work on getting assignments done before due
💼Set reasonable goals, & leave room for adjustment
💼Get up, walk around, get a drink, stretch every hour or two


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