changing pronouns when singing songs is for cowards

we have one of those timer air fresheners so going to the bathroom has become asthma attack russian roulette

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Are Ben and Jerry fucking or are they brothers?

As a generalisation, people from the north of England pronounce mask and masc (trans masc) the same but people from the south don't.


Today's mood: buying lots of food then stress eating a fair amount of it because of how much it cost.

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Really liking the games in Playdate Season One's third week ^w^

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POV: you've been a bad girl and you have to go sit on the jand

Yeah I'm sure that we have better healthcare than the Sentinelese people, but I feel like they might be happier; our brains weren't designed to communicate with everyone all of the time. I guess they might have their own societal issues, just not caused by the s we me things.

I want to start a criminal career where I break into houses that don't have a cat, leave a litter try that I've pissed in and a note saying "your cat smells"

my distress tolerance threshold is so low that the other day I had to leave the first session of the distress tolerance therapy module because it was making me distressed

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Free YouTube video idea for BuzzFeed etc: lifesized snakes and ladders

it's been a lot easier to think of toots/tweets since I "gained" sentience the other week

am I the only one who imitates emojis when I use them to make sure I'm getting the right emotion across... this is another autism moment, isn't it? dammit.

Are all lightning cables engineered perfectly to break after a week or does my partner have a magical gift?

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Mastodon is cool but it lacks my favorite feature from birdsite which is the timeline jumping as soon as your eyes see an interesting post that you'll never find again

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