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views are my own and in no way represent the dark gods i pay worship to

[to the tune of just drifting by psychic tv]
just shitting
on a simple bowl

end of evangelion was for people who watched nge and thought "whats that ending???? needs more shinji jacking it tbh"

idk i just feel like 9/11 wouldve gone down better if it were women doing it

the average fucker: just rams on their keyboard in the discord call
me: queues up keyboard sounds on the music bot

"video game where donald duck battles aliens for the fate of the earth" just seems like one of those things id have thought up while dissociating, but no, it's real and i have played it

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the title of the show "the L word" is a subtle reference to luigi, who makes a cameo in every episode

i am pleased to announce that "donald duck batman" game is not something i hallucinated but is very real

watching morgan on the tl reinventing dwarf fortress in real time

"i twink, therefore i am" - descarte, noted twink

@skelltan @chillallmen as someone who lived through 90s ADV dubs I would definitely prefer a monotone voice synth

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