making the "reverse bayonet" a tiny gun attached to a sword, to become the ultimate warrior


behold, a mockup of the reverse bayonet, the ultimate weapon

introducing, the tactical katana
the scope allows for long range assassination while the flashlight is perfect for the stealth killer in the dark

what other dumb weapon mockups can i make 🤔

nan chucks, for when u need to kill and or give someone a werthers original

@KitsuneAlicia you can kick the gun, the coolest way to shoot, you can slice the shoulder of an enemy and on the pullback shoot another enemy, really the only thing limiting it is your imagination and practicality

@violet it's a small belt, i think the image is high res enough to show that but idk

@chillallmen clip the belt behind the trigger so when they try to take the gun off they might shoot it

@chillallmen needs some fishing line tied to the trigger, otherwise it's perfect

@chillallmen novelty night vision goggles for when you have to do covert ops on new years eve

@chillallmen I was hoping to find a transparent version of the novelty glasses. No such luck

@chillallmen What about a reverse bayonet linked to the mass of a flail? It will make the mass even heavier! 😂

@chillallmen Bhahaha this is in case you don't wanna draw any unwanted attention to the explosion, genius

@chillallmen You should have attached chuck norris instead. To make the weapon all mighty

@Ytrezar chuck norris jokes revived that strange mans carreer

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