the switch version is less inherently funny though, the gamecube one was only ever useful for phantasy star online, which makes it more funny to me

it's like the steel battallion controller in that it was made for 1 very, very niche thing

only the gamecube ascii controller was to chat shit to people playing phantasy star online

@Aleums why would u whip out 10inches at the micropenis support group

@chillallmen Does it come with a strap, or do you need someone standing behind you and holding it?

@chillallmen the switch one is good for naming Pokémon

@chillallmen remembering the time my roommate skipped rent because he bought this

@chillallmen Also he traded it in to GameStop like 6 months later for two games and now it still goes on eBay for like 300 dollars...

@chillallmen oh god what

you absolute fucking legend god daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn :ablobfoxdundundunowo:

@chillallmen ok but... You'd have to put it on a table to type on it? Then pick it back up?

@Vqrxtvs also its a console mmo from the 2000's, shit wasnt that complex

@chillallmen i want modern systems to have controllers like this

bring back physical keyboards

@00dani addons n such exist but none come close to the absurdity for me

@chillallmen @00dani they all just have usb ports and regular keyboard support now, it's the end of an era

@BestGirlGrace @chillallmen
:drake_dislike: regular usb keyboard support
:drake_like: specialised gigantic controllers with a keyboard shoved in the middle

@BestGirlGrace @00dani ps2 usb keyboard support, so i think this is just nintendo doin a nintendo

@chillallmen @BestGirlGrace i miss when doin a nintendo was stretching out your gamepad so there's room for a keyboard in the middle, rather than, continuing to charge exorbitant prices for even your most mediocre games from years ago

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