me: [walks out of bedroom]
friend: how was the sex
me: pussy haunted
friend: wha
me: [grabs gun and goes back in] pussy haunted

as a feminist, i would have no problem loving a woman whos vagina is a gateway to the world of the dead

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@chillallmen my lack of problem with this is entirely unrelated to feminism

@chillallmen my gf has a tattoo above her hoohaw that denotes it as such. no complaints here.

@chillallmen cheating on my wife with the hot demon girl that lives in her haunted vagina

@chillallmen Fig also has a haunted vagina. It’s haunted vaginas all the way down

@chillallmen pubic tattoo saying 'Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here'

@chillallmen "[what seems to be the word "wonderland something"] Award Winner

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@chillallmen please say this book is actually good because I have an intense urge to read it now

@pupy was intended to be read as "bewildered" but i can see how it doesn't come across

@chillallmen well it's under £4 for the Kindle edition and it's a mere 100 pages long so I guess I'll report back at some point later on

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