new logo for my fellow leftists who oughta tell me what illegal stuff they are doing

@chillallmen I can tell you're a leftist because the eagle faces left 😏

@chillallmen @FirstProgenitor I love this because I’ve never watched anime and only have a vague idea of what this is

@Thomas @FirstProgenitor its a demon who kills people but later he discovers friendship through the medium of childrens card games

@chillallmen @Thomas yami i NOT a demon he just mentally tortures bad people who pull guns on his friends by making them think their skin is on fire. Or pushing bullies off a roof

@chillallmen @Thomas nah I think yami didn’t kill anyone. They were both almost murdered many times! Kaiba sent several assassins at them lol

@chillallmen @Thomas shadow realm is just death, but yami never put people in the shadow realm, it was everyone else trying to kill yami lol

@chillallmen I mean you seem pretty is the secret meeting spot.

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