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a) lol rip tumblr
b) “female presenting nipples” is the funniest shit i’ve ever read with my eyes

implied systemic transphobia, call for help 


Composed by Mahito Yokota for Super Mario Galaxy, and performed by
Gusty Garden Galaxy

Saying he was collecting material for an art project, the 31-year-old visual artist sneaked into a vault at a notorious private, run-for-profit university and quietly removed tuition contracts. Fried Potatoes – whose real name is Francisco Tapia – then burned the documents, rendering it nearly impossible for the Universidad del Mar to call in its debt – which he claimed was worth as much as $500m (£297m). “It’s over. You are all free of debt.”

A reminder that this Black Friday, rather than putting on an enormous sale, @itchio will be donating their entire revenue share from all sales on the site to a pair of LGBTQ+ and climate change charities

Obra Dinn is well good, everybody. You should all play it

so does bisexual mean once every two sex or twice per sex

I'm sorry, that wasn't a great joke. Three stars at most.

Orion's Belt is totally an overrated asterism. It's a complete waist of space.

I think I've listened to this new Smooth McGroove Gusty Garden every day since it released and I still love it.

Magnificent execution of a marvelous song.

nearsightedness is bullshit. things far away should get low-poly instead of blurry

What's up with Smash Ultimate's retail copy being so much more expensive than usual games are here in ZA?

PSA for players of Dark Souls Remastered on Switch (and probably other platforms):

You can do that Souls 3 thing of holding down on the d-pad to quickly jump to the first item. Handy for panic moments.

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