the Master & Margarita is one of my favorite reads of my life. It was one of the most visually evocative books I've read, so much so I immediately sketched out a bunch of stuff for it as soon as I was done marathoning it cover to cover back in 2011. (1/2)

"Sympathy for the Devil" was one of my favorite songs even before I read The Master & Margarita... so when I learned the song was inspired by the book I had to draw an homage to it too. (2/2)

@loki reading it now in our current climate would be especially topical!

@chirart is that him under the chair in the sketch?

@chirart Master & Margarita is a fantastic book and this is the first fan-art of it I've ever seen! This is very good

@Gargron thank you so much!! Part of the appeal of drawing fanart for obscure things is finding other people who know it also through it!!! >:3

@chirart Love the book myself :) The only question on my mind is, though: Where is Yeshua Ha-Notsri's character design?

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